WORRY    3'?m2f Worry is merely meditating on the wrong thing

(scene: a row of chairs facing audience)

AMY -- (enters, sits in an end chair, opens Bible, reads)

LIZ -- (enters opposite, sits, looks at watch, stands paces, 
sits, repeats)

AMY -- (looks up from Bible) You waiting for a verdict?

LIZ -- Yes. Division nineteen. (points to exit) Do you know 
anything about that judge? (points, paces)

AMY -- No, but I'm sure he'll be fair. (reads)

LIZ -- I wish I could be as confident as you. What if he's not 

AMY -- I have a better question. 

LIZ -- What's that?

AMY -- Will the judge change his verdict if you worry about it?

LIZ -- Huh?

AMY -- I asked you if your judge will change his verdict if you 
worry about it.

LIZ -- I guess not. (stops pacing) You work in the courthouse 

AMY -- No. I'm a defendant in division twenty. (points)

LIZ -- You're kidding.

AMY -- No. Why?

LIZ -- I mean, you're so calm. You must have already received 
your verdict. Right?

AMY -- No. The judge is still deliberating.

LIZ -- You're kidding.

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- How can you be so calm? Aren't you worried?

AMY -- No. I gave up worrying.

LIZ -- You gave up worrying?

AMY -- Yes. 

LIZ -- How?

AMY -- Well, it's a little hard to understand if you're not a 

LIZ -- Oh, I AM a Christian.

AMY -- Well, it's a natural thing for people to doubt their 
beliefs and believe their doubts. But a Christian should believe 
his beliefs and doubt his doubts.

LIZ -- ....believe his beliefs and doubt his doubts. I'd sure 
like to do that, but how?

AMY -- You have to change what you meditate on.

LIZ -- I'm sorry, I can't change what I meditate on. Because I 
don't meditate at all.

AMY -- Sure you do.

LIZ -- I do?

AMY -- Yes. If you worry, you're meditating on your doubts. But 
as a Christian, you have a hope of life after death. And if you 
believe in life after death, nothing is impossible for you. You 
should be meditating on your beliefs, on the promises of God. 

LIZ -- But I don't know how to meditate on my beliefs.

AMY -- Sure you do. Meditating is merely applying your mind to 
it. You meditate by reading a promise from your Bible; By 
deciding how a promise applies directly to your situation; and 
by memorizing it.

LIZ -- That's all there is to meditation?

AMY -- Sure. There's nothing mysterious about it. It's merely a 
matter of deciding what occupies your mind. If you occupy your 
mind with believing your beliefs there won't be any time for you 
to believe your doubts.

LIZ -- I never thought about it like that.

AMY -- (looks offstage, stands) Oh, it looks like my judge has 
reached a verdict. 

LIZ -- Good luck.

AMY -- Thanks, but I don't need luck. (begins to exit)

LIZ -- (follows) Excuse me.

AMY -- (stops, turns) Yes?

LIZ -- Could I borrow your Bible?

AMY -- (gives Bible) Oh. Sure. In fact, you can keep it.

LIZ -- Thank you.

AMY -- Shall I wish you luck? (exits)

LIZ -- No, thanks. Luck is for worriers. (exits opposite, 
reading Bible)

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