WORKS    4'?m3f Works have no value for salvation

(scene: one chair)

MEG -- (enters arm in arm with Amy, wearing robe, pajamas,
slippers, head wrapped in bandages) My head is pounding. Can I
sit down and rest for a minute? (points to chair)

AMY -- (enters arm in arm with Meg, wearing nurse uniform, 
carrying small paper cup) Oh, certainly, Margaret, you're doing 
real well for your first day. (helps her sit) We don't want to 
push too hard. (offers cup) Would you like some water?

MEG -- Yes, thankyou. (empties cup, gives cup to Meg) Thankyou.

DOC -- (enters wearing white lab coat, stethoscope) Oh, there
you are, Margaret. I heard you came out of your coma. It's nice
to see you up and around.

MEG -- You must be my doctor.

DOC -- (looks to Amy with puzzled look)

AMY -- Margaret seems to have suffered some memory loss. She
didn't even remember her own name.

DOC -- (pulls small flashlight from pocket shines in each of
Meg's eyes) You and I went to college together, Margaret.

MEG -- Oh, I'm sorry.

DOC -- Don't be sorry, Margaret. Memory loss is rather common in
head trauma cases. It's just temporary. How are you feeling?

MEG -- My head pounds a bit when I exert myself. But I feel
better now. Nurse, were you going to give me a drink of water?

AMY -- (smiles to Doc) I just gave you a drink, Margaret. You
drank the whole cup. (shows empty cup)

MEG -- Isn't that amazing? I can't remember a thing I've done.
The nurse tells me I was in an accident.

DOC -- Yes, you were. But you'll be alright now. (holds up
finger) Hold your head still and follow my finger with your
eyes. (moves finger left and right) Are you experiencing any

MEG -- (complies) I don't think so.

AMY -- She vomited about fifteen minutes ago.

MEG -- Oh. I'm sorry. I can't remember anything I've done.

DOC -- Do you know how you got down here to the waiting room?

MEG -- No. I suppose I walked here, since I'm not in a wheel

DOC -- Do you remember anything you've done?

MEG -- No. I'm sorry.

DOC -- Do you remember ANYTHING?

MEG -- I know I'm going to go to Heaven when I die.

DOC -- How can you remember that?

MEG -- Because I can remember distinctly that I wasn't saved
because of anything I've done.

AMY -- Is that so?  What religion are you?

MEG -- I'm sorry. I don't remember.

AMY -- Then how do you know you're going to Heaven?

MEG -- It's a gift... from God.

AMY -- What is?

MEG -- Salvation. It's a gift. I didn't have to DO anything.
That's why I can remember it.

AMY -- I think her head trauma is affecting more than her

DOC -- No, Margaret is right. Salvation is a free gift. You
don't have to DO anything to get it.

AMY -- Awe, come on! There's always SOME requirements: Holy Days
or sacraments or SOMETHING!

DOC -- No. The Bible is very clear. From the very beginning,
God's plan of salvation was always that God would do all the
work of salvation. Apostle Paul says that compared to the
finished work of Jesus, our works are like...

MEG -- ...Filthy rags.

AMY -- Is she alright?

DOC -- Yes. Her memory is coming back. She's remembering
scriptures. Apostle Paul says our works are like filthy rags in
the eyes of the Lord compared to what Jesus did to purchase our

AMY -- There MUST be something to do. Not everybody is saved.

MEG -- Trust.

AMY -- Excuse me?

MEG -- Trust. It's another gift.

AMY -- (to Doc) You're sure she's alright?

DOC -- Yes. Margaret is trying to say that the only requirement
for salvation is trust in Jesus. But even the trust is a gift
from God.

AMY -- No kidding.

DOC -- No kidding. (stands) Come on, I'll explain it to you
while we walk Margaret back to her room.

MEG -- (looks around) Margaret? Who's Margaret?

AMY -- Isn't that amazing?!

DOC -- Yes, the human memory is amazing. (helps Meg to her feet)

AMY -- (arm around Meg's waist) No, I mean, salvation is
amazing! I always thought salvation was about DOING something.

DOC -- (exiting) I think you should take a clue from Margaret
here. Forget about works.

MEG -- (exiting) It's a gift. I remember that.

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