WEAKNESS 3'3m?f My power is made perfect in your weakness

(scene: bench press weight lifting bench)

LIZ -- (enters wearing workout clothes, towel dangling from 
neck) ...So, I took back the project and did it myself. If I had 
waited for HIM to finish it, I'd still be waiting.

AMY -- (follows wearing workout clothes, towel dangling from
neck) You don't think you're spreading yourself a little thin by 
taking on all those new projects?

LIZ -- (examines weights on bar bell) I don't know. What if I 
am? You know what it says in the Bible: "God helps those who 
help themselves."

AMY -- (amused) It doesn't say that in the Bible.

LIZ -- Sure it does.

AMY -- Where? 

LIZ -- I don't know. But I'm sure I read that in the Bible.

AMY -- You may have read it in "Poor Richard's Almanac". I think 
that's a quote from Benjamin Franklin.

LIZ -- I was sure it was from the Bible.

AMY -- Actually, the Bible, both Old Testament and New 
Testament, has exactly the opposite message: Man is incapable of 
producing fruit without intervention from God.

LIZ -- That may be true for unbelievers. I mean, unbelievers are 
incapable of going to Heaven without Jesus. But, I think, once 
you're a Christian, God helps those who help themselves. (sits, 
lays back, extends hands straight up) Hand me the bar, would 

AMY -- (looks back to exit) Just a second. (pause) I think I 
hear my cell phone beeping. (turns) I'll be right back.

LIZ -- Wait.

AMY -- (turns) What?

LIZ -- Get me started.

AMY -- You need a spotter. It's dangerous without a spotter.

LIZ -- Naw. I can handle it. Hand me the bar and then answer 
your phone.

AMY -- (lifts bar from cradle, places it in Liz's hands) Well, 
alright. But be careful. (turns, exits running)

LIZ -- I'll be careful. (puff) Ooo. This is heavy. I think I've 
got too much weight on the bar. (puff) Well, God helps those who 
help themselves. (lowers bar to chest, puff) Oh, oh. I do have 
too much weight on here. There is no way I can do this myself. 
(shouts) Help me. Oh, no. She's gone. Oh, no. (shouts) Help me! 

JESUS -- (enters, lifts bar to cradle) My power is made perfect 
in your weakness. (exits)

LIZ -- (unthinking) Thank you. (sits up, shakes head) I must be 
hallucinating! I would have sworn that was...

AMY -- (reenters speaking into cell phone) ...Okay. Right. 2 pm 
sharp. I got it. (turns off phone) Are you done already? You 
can't possibly have done twenty bench presses already.

LIZ -- Did you just see a man with long hair and a beard?

AMY -- No. Why?

LIZ -- He was wearing a tunic.

AMY -- A tunic. You mean a dress?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- You want to know if I saw a man wearing a dress?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- (examines Liz's head) What's the matter? Did you have an 
accident. Did you whack yourself in the head?

LIZ -- (resists) I'm fine! I'm not brain damaged!

AMY -- You must admit, you're acting a bit strange.

LIZ -- I'm fine.

AMY -- (examines weights on bar bell) Hey, you've got fifty 
extra pounds on this bar. How did you lift it?

LIZ -- (pause, stands) Jesus helped me.

AMY -- (sits, lays back) Is this your way of saying "God helps 
those who help themselves? (raises hands straight up)

LIZ -- (exiting) No. I'm saying that "God's power is made 
perfect in my weakness."

AMY -- (sits up) What? Now I know something's wrong. (follows) 
Are you sure you're alright?

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