VALUE    5'?m2f Why oppose abortion? The intrinsic value of life

AMY -- (enters purposefully, looking around, crosses) Yes, here
it is.

LIZ -- (follows, impatient) Here what is? I didn't ask for a
tour of the art museum. I merely asked you a simple question.

AMY -- (crossing) The answer to your question is here in the
museum. (stops, points to a spot on the audience back wall) Yes,
here it is.

LIZ -- (stops, looks) Here what is? A painting? How is a
painting the answer to my question?

AMY -- Do you recognize this painting?

LIZ -- Yes, of course. This is the painting that was in the
newspaper a few weeks ago. It was donated to the museum by that
millionaire, what's-his-name. (points) It's supposed to be worth
over two million dollars.

AMY -- Two million dollars?! There can't be more than fifty
cents worth of canvas and a dollars worth of paint there. The
most expensive thing about it is the mahogany wood in the frame.
The whole thing can't be worth more than two dollars tops.

LIZ -- I can tell you don't know a thing about art. This is a

AMY -- What difference does that make? It's just paint and
canvas and wood.

LIZ -- (sighs) Alright, what are you up to?

AMY -- Up to?

LIZ -- I asked you why Christians oppose a woman's right to
choose and you start talking about Rembrandt.

AMY -- It's YOU who were talking about Rembrandt. I'm talking
about canvas and paint and wood. I'd probably get more economic
value out of it by burning it in my fireplace.

LIZ -- You're kidding, right?

AMY -- Why would you think I'm kidding?

LIZ -- Well, first of all, you'd probably be arrested.

AMY -- Arrested?! For What?! For burning some canvas and wood to
heat my house?

LIZ -- No. For destroying a beautiful treasure.

AMY -- Well, then, I guess you've just answered your own

LIZ -- What are you talking about?

AMY -- You asked me why Christians oppose a woman's right to
choose. The answer is the same as it would be if I asked you why
I shouldn't burn that painting in my fireplace.

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- Because in both cases, the act you CHOOSE destroys
something with intrinsic value.

LIZ -- Intrinsic value.

AMY -- Yes, intrinsic value is value above and beyond the
cost of its raw materials or its usefulness.

LIZ -- I know what intrinsic value is. That painting has
intrinsic value because you can see the brush strokes of genious 
of its creator.

AMY -- The same is true for a baby in the womb.

LIZ -- A fetus in the womb has no intrinsic value.

AMY -- Prove it.

LIZ -- Prove it?

AMY -- Yes, prove that a baby has no intrinsic value.

LIZ -- I don't think I can. You can't prove a negative.

AMY -- Well, you should be able to come up with a reason why I
shouldn't use that painting as kindling for my fireplace.

LIZ -- You're not REALLY thinking of doing that, are you?!

AMY -- No. But before you dismiss the destruction of a baby in
the womb as a mere CHOICE, shouldn't you investigate whether it
has intrinsic value?

LIZ -- What intrinsic value could a fetus possibly have?

AMY -- The brush strokes in a human being are in its genes and 
chromosomes. And there are far more ingenious brush strokes in 
DNA than in that painting.

LIZ -- How can you say that?

AMY -- Thousands of scientists have been working for half a
century to decode the DNA information and they still don't know
how the painter of the DNA was able to paint more than one
picture on a single canvas.

LIZ -- Is that really true?

AMY -- Yes, we now know that in many areas the DNA code is
overlapping. It's exactly like painting two pictures on one
canvas and being able to see both pictures at the same time.

LIZ -- Well, if that's true, that's really ingenious.

AMY -- Ingenious? Doesn't that mean it has intrinsic value?

LIZ -- (turns, exits) Yes, it does.

AMY -- (follows) Where are you going?

LIZ -- A friend of mine is about to have an abortion. I have to
tell her about intrinsic value.
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