UNWANTED 3'?m2f Abortion: does "unwanted" mean "less human"?

AMY -- (enters wearing overcoat, carrying newspaper, crosses to
C, looks at watch, reads newspaper)

LIZ -- (follows a few seconds later wearing overcoat, 
approaches) Hi.

AMY -- Hi. Right on time. Did you bring your appetite?

LIZ -- Where do you want to eat?

AMY -- Before we go in, I wanted to ask you if you saw this
story. (offers newspaper)

LIZ -- (scanning paper) Oh, I saw that on the news last night.
Isn't that awful?! How could she do that to her own kids?!

AMY -- This is a high-profile case. She'll probably get one of
those flashy lawyers to get her off scott free.

LIZ -- What possible defense could she have for leaving a
seven-year-old and a four-year-old locked up in an apartment
unsupervised for twenty days?

AMY -- She doesn't seem to think she did anything wrong. She
said she left them plenty of food and told them not to answer
the door. She doesn't think they were in any REAL danger.

LIZ -- How can people think like that?! What if one or both of
them got sick or fell and hurt themselves?! One of them could
have died and the mother wouldn't have known it until she got

AMY -- Well, I'm trying to think about it from HER point of

LIZ -- I don't think she has a leg to stand on. It's not like
she was working in a sweat shop and couldn't afford a
babysitter. She was off galavanting with a strange guy she met
in an internet chat room!

AMY -- Well, what if she never really wanted kids?

LIZ -- What difference does that make?! It isn't like some
stranger just dumped these kids on her door step! When you're a
parent, you have an obligation to keep your kids safe! The law
says that if you don't meet your obligations to your kids, your
guilty of... (points to paper, reads) neglect, abandonment, and
child endangerment.

AMY -- Well, there is ONE exception to the law.

LIZ -- What's that?

AMY -- If the kids happen to be in the mother's womb, and if
they're not wanted, she can not only abandon them, she can kill

LIZ -- (long pause) So, you know.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- How did you find out?

AMY -- I'm your friend. That's what friends do. You WERE
thinking about getting an abortion, weren't you?


AMY -- But now?

LIZ -- I just painted myself into a corner. How can I abandon my
baby after I just railed on this woman for being a bad mother?!

AMY -- So, you changed your mind.

LIZ -- You know, I was just thinking this morning that at the
very least, this (points) woman should give her kids up for 
adoption so that SOMEBODY can give them a good home! (offers 
paper) That was really clever the way you... you really had be 
cranked up about this miserable excuse for a mother... and all 
this time we were talking about me!

AMY -- Would you like me to apologize?

LIZ -- No. If I got an abortion, I would be just as
irresponsible toward my baby as this woman was.

AMY -- Good for you. And good for your baby. Did you know that
there are about 20,000 infertile couples who would love to give
a good home to your baby? And some of them are willing to pay
your medical expenses during the pregnancy.

LIZ -- Gee. You sure make it sound easy to do the right thing.

AMY -- And the right thing from now on is to eat the right food.
Let's have lunch at the salad bar today. (points, exits)

LIZ -- (follows) Good. It's all you can eat. I'm eating for two 

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