TOMORROW 4'?m2f Heaven, Hell, truth, eternity, salvation

LIZ -- (enters running, stops, pants) Boy! That was a close one.
(feels hair) Isn't that strange?! I was engulfed in flames but
not a hair on my head was even singed. Boy! Was I lucky.

AMY -- (enters opposite carrying clipboard) Well, you made it!

LIZ -- (feeling own body for injuries) Boy! I can't believe it!
When my airplane went down, I thought I was a goner. But I don't
have a scratch on me! Did anybody else make it?

AMY -- There were no survivors.

LIZ -- You mean I was the only one?!

AMY -- There were NO survivors.

LIZ -- Well, you can't say that there were NO survivors! I just
walked out of that plane crash (turns) without a scratch... What
happened to the big fire ball?! I just... Oh, no! Please don't
tell me...

AMY -- You're dead.

LIZ -- I asked you not to tell me!

AMY -- Welcome to the afterlife. (offers color brochure)

LIZ -- (ignores offer, paces) So, I didn't make it. I'm...
I'm... I can't believe it! I'm actually dead.

AMY -- Welcome to the afterlife. (offers color brochure)

LIZ -- (stops, takes brochure) What's this?

AMY -- It's a full color brochure showing all the recreation
facilities, the programs, the activities and, of course, your

LIZ -- My rewards.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- (reads) Well, look here! There's a swimming pool! I never
thought that there would be a swimming pool! I love to swim!

AMY -- I'm sorry, the pool is closed for maintenance until

LIZ -- Oh, well, I suppose it's not much of a hardship. (points) 
I can play racketball, tennis, billiards, and, look! There's a 
table tennis tournament!

AMY -- I'm sorry, those activities have been postponed until

LIZ -- Postponed.

AMY -- Until tomorrow.

LIZ -- All of them?

AMY -- I'm sorry.

LIZ -- Well, I suppose I could sign up for one of the many clubs
you have listed: Bridge club, computer club, looks like half a
dozen clubs for collectors....

AMY -- I'm sorry, but all the club groups have been postponed.

LIZ -- Postponed.

AMY -- Until...

BOTH -- Tomorrow.

LIZ -- Well, I guess that only leaves (points) collecting my
rewards and settling into my new mansion. Do ALL the mansions
look like this? (points to brochure)

AMY -- I'm sorry. Your mansion won't be available until

LIZ -- Tomorrow!

AMY -- I'm sorry.

LIZ -- And I suppose I won't be able to collect my rewards until
tomorrow either.

AMY -- I'm sorry.

LIZ -- So, I'm in limbo until tomorrow.

AMY -- It's always a bit of a shock for newcomers.

LIZ -- Wait a minute, are you saying that ALL newcomers get this

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- And all newcomers have to wait until tomorrow.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- We're only giving you what you've wanted all along.

LIZ -- I HATE waiting for things. How can you say that I'm
getting what I've wanted?

AMY -- It will all be clear for you tomorrow.

LIZ -- Tomorrow.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Everything happens tomorrow.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Well, this is not at all how I pictured Heaven to be.

AMY -- Well, you see, I can explain that...

LIZ -- Please don't tell me I'm not in Heaven!

AMY -- It will all be clear for you tomorrow.

LIZ -- I wish you'd stop saying that! (looks at watch) Just how
long do I have to wait until tom... (listens to watch)

AMY -- What's the matter?

LIZ -- My watch stopped. Did my watch stop in the plane crash?

AMY -- No. It stopped when you entered eternity.

LIZ -- So, if time has stopped, there is no tomorrow.

AMY -- That's correct.

LIZ -- So, everything you promised in this brochure is a lie.

AMY -- I wouldn't exactly call it a LIE.

LIZ -- Just what did you mean when you said that you're only 
giving me what I've wanted all along?

AMY -- Well, you rejected the truth when it was presented to
you. So, if you don't want the truth, we'll give you what you

LIZ -- So, if I rejected the truth, all I get for eternity is a 

AMY -- I wouldn't exactly call it a LIE. (moves to exit)

LIZ -- (follows) Please! Please. Give me another chance!

AMY -- (stops, turns) Okay.

LIZ -- You will?! You'll give me another chance?!

AMY -- (exiting) Tomorrow! (laughs fiendishly)

LIZ -- (follows) But there is no tomorrow!

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