TITEROPE 3'?m1f Monologue: witnessing, balance, the Holy Spirit

(enters walking heel to toe, arms wide, as if walking on a
tight-rope, carrying parasol or long horizontal pole, when at C
loses balance briefly, reverses direction on tip toes, notices

Oh, hi.

(looses balance briefly)

I suppose you're wondering what I'm doing up here. This is what
a Christian looks like to non-Christians. Oh, not that we look
like circus performers to them, but they're waiting for us to 
lose our balance (loses balance briefly) and fall.

You see, people have tried lots of things to cope with life.
They've tried cure-alls and philosophies and religions, self-help
books and seminars. Some of these solutions started out looking 
really promising only to end up as a hoax or a con or just an 
ordinary failure. Most people have failed so often that they're 
pretty sure that nothing makes any difference. So, when a 
Christian falls, especially a high profile Christian, (loses
balance briefly) people can point to us and say "See, I told
you, nothing makes any difference. Nothing. Not even

It isn't that they want us to fall. As a matter of fact, they'd
love to find something to help them cope with life. They'd love
to jump on the band wagon if they find something -- ANYTHING --
that works. They're just a little sceptical, that's all.

So, we Christians have to walk the tight-rope knowing that
people are watching. But it's a real balancing act.

For instance, if I lean a little to the left and indulge myself
in the materialism and sins of the world, people will say, "What
good is Christianity? It's no different from the world."

And if I lean a little to the right, abstaining from materialism
and self-indulgence, but isolating myself from the very people
who need salvation, they see that too. They say, "What good is
Christianity? Those people are just spiritual snobs who think
they're too good for the rest of us."

So, we Christians have to maintain our balance, being careful
not to lean toward (leans left) self-indulgence or (leans right)
isolation. I'm sure glad I don't have to walk-this tight rope

If I had to do this by my self, I'd end up as a grease
spot on the pavement. Fortunately, I have the Holy Spirit to
help me keep in balance. The Holy Spirit is a lot like this
parasol (pole). It doesn't do me any good if I leave it at home.
I have to make a conscious choice to take it with me everytime I
go out on the wire. And I have to resist the temptation to drop
it when I lose my (loses balance briefly) balance.

(moves to exit)

I would never attempt a high-wire act without a parasol (pole)
to help me balance. And I should never go out into the world
and be a witness to non-believers without inviting the Holy
Spirit to help me keep my balance.


Oh, and one more thing. (loses balance briefly) Did you notice
that it's easier to lose your balance when you're standing still 
than when you're moving? (exiting) So, keep moving. People are 
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