TINYBABY 3'?m1f Monologue: Why would God create people who sin?

You know, it's getting so that I hate to pick up a newspaper or
turn on the news. Corporate presidents defrauding their stock
holders, government leaders killing their own citizens, serial
killers, gang violence, mothers leaving newborn babies in

I know I shouldn't blame God for any of this. After all, the
people who do these horrible things are in direct violation of
what God has commanded them to do. But still, when it all weighs
so heavily upon me, I can't help but think, "Why would God
create the universe when he knew in advance that the people he
created are surely going to defy his instructions?"

Recently, I got an answer to that question and it was from a
rather unusual source: I had a baby. I created a life of my own.

A few days after the birth of my baby, the newspaper headlines
and the TV news flashes were particularly gruesome. And that
question came to my mind again: "Why would God create the
universe when he knew in advance that the people he created are
surely going to defy his instructions?"

And the answer was right there in my arms. (cradles arms as if
holding a baby) This beautiful creature of my own creation was
lying innocently in my arms, cooing and smiling at me,
completely unaware of the death and destruction of the

Before we decided to have a baby, I was well aware that there
wasn't a single child ever to escape from childhood without
varying levels of disobedience, defiance and deviance. Yet, I
went ahead and had a baby anyway. But now I was caught between a
rock and a hard place. I had just done what God decided to do
before time began, to create human beings knowing full well that
they would disappoint him. Now, I had to explain myself and my

Is there some kind of insanity that happens before the creative
process? Do people suddenly develop selective amnesia? Do they
forget the "down side" of their creation? But my answer for
myself was an emphatic NO. I decided to make a baby IN SPITE of
the down side. Why?

The answer, again, was right here in my arms. Babies have this
special SOMETHING that makes us who create them override our
negative thoughts. We CHOOSE to ignore the certainty of their
sins. But what is that special SOMETHING. And then it hit me. We 
are made in the image of God. My baby is made in the image of
God. There is a huge capacity in my baby to love and be loved.
That love comes from God. It causes me to look beyond the
disobedience, the defiance, and the deviance to look at the
goodness and love God has built into my baby.

God is so good and so loving, how can I not create a baby with
that love and goodness built in. I don't know how intelligent my
baby will be, how outgoing, how creative, how clever. The only
sure thing about my baby is the image of God: the love and good
that cry out for more.

I am convinced that God is so full of love that He was compelled
to duplicate his love in creation. And I am just as compelled to
duplicate that love in a baby.

Yes, of course, I'll be disappointed, sometimes even enraged at
her behavior. But the only sure thing about human life is the
love we were created with. God looks beyond the misbehavior in
order to spread His love. And so should I.

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