THEEND   3'2m0f Salvation in a person, not in confession

Neal -- (seated at microphone) KKDL news time is 3:40 and that 
means it's time for a KKDL sports update with Bob Murphy. Bob? 

Bob -- (enters, sits) Thanks, Neal. The L.A. Kings win big, in 
spite of yet another injury. The Raiders may move to...are you 
ready for this... Las Vegas. And the Lakers squeak by the 
Rockets. We'll have details of these stories and more right 
after this word from our...

Neal -- (enters with bulletin) Excuse me, Bob. We have to 
interrupt this commercial message for this wire service 
bulletin: "Scientists at Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona have 
been measuring alarming increases in solar flair activity 
recently. They estimate that the planets Mercury, Venus and 
Earth with be vaporized by a solar flair in eight and a half 

Bob -- (pauses, smiles) And we'll be right back right after this 
word from our...

Neal -- What's the use in running an ad for a sponsor, Bob. 
We'll all be nothing but ashes before anyone gets there. 

Bob -- (pauses, smiles) And how apropos, Neal, the commercial 
message was for Sizzler. Heh Heh. Oh, and look at this sports 
update: (reads) The Lakers take on the red hot Phoenix Suns 
tomorrow night. Heh heh. We'll have a preview of tomorrow's game 
right after this...

Neal -- There won't be a tomorrow, Bob.

Bob -- You weren't kidding, Neal?

Neal -- It's over, Bob.

Bob -- But, I had courtside tickets to the Lakers game 
tomorrow... Right next to Jack... Nicholson...

Neal -- Vaporized, Bob.

Bob -- What do we do now?

Neal -- Jeanie. Jeanie, Honey, if you're listening, Sweety, kiss 
and hug the kids for me. I'll see you in heaven, Honey.

Bob -- Well, I wanna go to heaven, too. I'm gonna confess my 

Neal -- We don't have that much time, Bob.

Bob --  I don't care. I'll get started on the worst ones. First, 
Doris, Honey, I... I'm sorry, Honey, on that trip to Dallas last 
fall... I was ah... I was uh...unfaithful to you. I'm sorry, 
Honey. I'll never do it again.

Neal -- You can say that again.

Bob --  Let's see...I cheated on my income tax in 1994. I don't 
always drop a quarter in the basket when I take a cookie from 
the lunch room. I have 5 unpaid parking tickets and I break the 
speed limit all the time. And let's see...

Neal -- Listen, Bob, confession is good for the sole, but it 
won't get you to heaven. 

Bob -- It won't?

Neal -- No. The Bible says "yet to all who received HIM, to 
those who believed in HIS name HE gave the right to become 
children of God". It's not about ANYTHING YOU do. It's about 
what HE did for you already. 

Bob -- Who?

Neal -- Jesus. He wants you to receive the gift of his death on 
the cross as payment for your sins, whether you can remember 
each individual sin or not.

Bob --  You mean I don't have to confess creasing the fender of 
that BMW in the parking lot?

Neal -- What color was the BMW?

Bob -- Ah, um.... (clears throat, does a double-take at the page 
in Neal's hand) Hey, look there.

Neal -- Look where?

Bob --  The news bulletin. (points)

Neal -- (reads)  mmm mmm mmm Mercury, Venus, and Earth will be 
vaporized by a solar flair. So?

Bob -- Read on.

Neal -- ... mmm mmm vaporized by a solar flair in eight and a 
half ...millennia.

Bob -- That's eight and a half millennia, not eight and a half 

Neal -- Oh... Yeah.

Bob -- You mean I just spilled my guts to 600,000 KKDL newsradio 
listeners for nothing?

Neal -- Wull, I ah... (stands, backs toward exit) I have to 
check out the wire service.... (runs)

Bob -- (Rolls up his sleeves) Ladies and gentlemen, in just a 
minute I'll be back at the KKDL newsradio microphone with one 
more sin to confess... (exits in a huff) Wait till I get my 
hands on you, you miserable little....

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