THEDREAM 6'?m3f Ministry, dreams, roadblocks, discipleship

AMY -- (enters wearing business suit, carrying briefcase, looks
both ways, looks at watch, paces, looks to exit, sees Liz) Hi.
The meeting is in conference room B. (points)

LIZ -- (enters opposite wearing business suit, carrying
briefcase, crosses to Amy) Is the customer here yet?

SUE -- (follows in lock step with Liz) We really need to talk.
You can't keep putting this off. This is important. Are you 
listening to me, Elizabeth?

AMY -- No. Go away. (to Liz) We have a couple of minutes before
the presentation starts. Did you bring the visuals?

LIZ -- (pats briefcase) Right here.

AMY -- And the handouts?

LIZ -- (pats briefcase) Right here. I rehearsed my part of the
presentation about thirty times. I've got it down pat.

AMY -- Me too. Well, then, I guess we're ready.

LIZ -- Well, I suppose, except for... (points over shoulder to
Sue) her.

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- (points) This person has been following me for weeks. And
I can't seem to shake her.

AMY -- (looks around) Who are you talking about?

LIZ -- (points) This one. She keeps jabbering to me everytime
I'm alone.

AMY -- I'm sorry, but I don't see anyone.

LIZ -- Well, she's right there... (points) plain as day. And she 
keeps bothering me.

AMY -- Where?

LIZ -- (turns) There! (points) She's right there. Can't you see

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- I knew it! I'm cracking up. Maybe I need a vacation.

AMY -- Maybe not. What kind of things has she been saying to

LIZ -- She keeps talking about my dream. She keeps saying,
"Follow your dream."

AMY -- And she's been doing this for weeks.

LIZ -- Yes. Do you think I'm cracking up?

AMY -- Not if you're a Christian.

LIZ -- I am a Christian.

AMY -- How long have you been a Christian?

BOTH -- A few weeks.

LIZ -- How did you know?

AMY -- The same thing happened to me after I became a Christian.

LIZ -- It did?

AMY -- Yes. That person who's talking in your ear whenever
you're alone... That's your conscience.

LIZ -- My conscience.

AMY -- Yes. And she's bugging you to follow your dream?

LIZ -- Yes. You're a Christian, aren't you?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- So, you can tell me how to get rid of her?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- How?

AMY -- Follow your dream.

LIZ -- Not you too!

AMY -- I'm sorry, but if you're a Christian, the Lord expects
you to follow your dream. It's his purpose and plan for your

LIZ -- Oh. I thought it was just, you know, a dream.

AMY -- No. God implants all of us with a dream that will utilize 
all of our gifts and talents to do his work here on earth. Your 
rewards in Heaven will be based on how well you follow your 

LIZ -- Yeah, well, I'm not so sure this is really my dream.

AMY -- What do you mean?

LIZ -- I mean, at first, I THOUGHT it was my dream....

AMY -- But then the roadblocks sprang up.

LIZ -- How did you know?!

AMY -- It happened to me too. It happens to all of us. But you
thought that road blocks were a sign that your dream couldn't 
possibly be from God.

LIZ -- Yeah. It seems logical that if this dream was from God, 
he would make sure that there weren't any road blocks.

AMY -- And you based this logic on what Bible verse?

LIZ -- (pauses) I didn't base it on any Bible verse.

AMY -- How about this verse: "In this world you WILL have

LIZ -- Oh. Well, I guess that explains the road blocks. But what 
about the...

AMY -- The Bullies?

LIZ -- Yeah. I guess you could call them that.

AMY -- When you shared your dream with people around you, the
bullies gave you a million reasons why you could never achieve
your dream.

LIZ -- So you went through that too?

AMY -- In spades.

LIZ -- Yes, but, some of MY bullies were Christians. Isn't that
a sign my dream is not from God?

AMY -- Christians mean well. But they're just like everybody
else in the world. They don't like change. And when your dream
means a change for them, they're going to give you some

LIZ -- Yeah, but the Christians sound so....

AMY -- Pious?

LIZ -- Yes. They even quote scripture. They sound so convincing.

AMY -- What does your conscience (points) tell you about those
Bible quotations?

LIZ -- (turns)

SUE -- Read the Bible.

LIZ -- She wants me to read the Bible.

AMY -- Good idea. People who quote the Bible out of self-serving
motives usually ignore the context.

LIZ -- The context.

AMY -- Some scriptures were meant for the Jews alone or the
gentiles alone or one person alone or for all mankind in one
specific circumstance. You won't know whether the Bible verse
applies to you unless you read the verses around it.

LIZ -- Oh.

AMY -- So, I assume that you don't read your Bible daily?

LIZ -- Well, she's (points) been nagging be to do that, but...

AMY -- You don't have time.

LIZ -- No, I don't. Do you?

AMY -- No, I don't have time. So, I TAKE time.

LIZ -- I don't understand.

AMY -- You need to TAKE time away from activities that don't
promote your dream. Now that you're a Christian, you need to
reevaluate every activity in your day to see if it fits with
your dream. I'm assuming that you think your dream is worth
making room for.

LIZ -- Well, it WAS.

AMY -- Until the roadblocks and the bullies got in your way.

LIZ -- Yeah.

AMY -- Listen to your conscience. Keep your dream alive. You'll
find a way around those roadblocks. And you'll have an answer
for the bullies... IF you read your Bible regularly.

LIZ -- Speaking of bullies, (points) our customer just arrived. 

AMY -- (exiting) If we're prepared, what do we have to fear?

LIZ -- (follows) We're not going to let a few roadblocks and 
bullies stand in our way!

SUE -- (follows) Now you're listening!

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