TEMPTED  4'?m2f Temptation, Holy Spirit, ministry, rewards

(scene: end table with telephone)

(sound cue: phone rings)

LIZ -- (enters tying robe, wearing pajamas and slippers) This is
ridiculous! Who could be calling at 3 O'clock in the morning?!
(picks up phone) This better be important!

AMY -- (enters opposite tying robe, wearing pajamas and
slippers) I think I know who it is.

LIZ -- (offers phone rudely) It had to be for you. MY friends
would never call at this hour!

AMY -- (to phone) Hello. Yeah, hi. No, I don't mind. I told you
to call anytime.

LIZ -- I can't believe you actually encourage this behavior!

AMY -- (to phone) No, really, it's alright. Would you like to
come over?

LIZ -- Yeah, right.

AMY -- (to phone) On second thought, maybe I should come over
there or meet you somewhere.

LIZ -- What kind of friend calls you at 3 O'clock in the

AMY -- (to phone) No problem. I'll be there in ten minutes or
so. Okay? No. Listen, I told you to call. It's no problem.

LIZ -- No problem for you.

AMY -- (to phone) Yeah, see you in a bit. Good bye. (hangs up)

LIZ -- You have the rudest friends.

AMY -- She's not a friend. I just met her today.

LIZ -- That's even worse!

AMY -- I'm sorry, she's in bad shape. She's a new Christian and
she's had a bad day and she's tempted to backslide into
self-destructive behavior. She just needs some support.

LIZ -- So, you're going to get dressed and go and meet this...
total stranger in the middle of the night.

AMY -- I guess that describes the situation.

LIZ -- There must be other things you can do.

AMY -- Like what?

LIZ -- Like... pray.

AMY -- I prayed with her this afternoon.

LIZ -- Well, then let the Holy Spirit take care of her!

AMY -- The Holy Spirit IS taking care of her.

LIZ -- How?

AMY -- Through me.

LIZ -- Through you.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- So, you think you're an answer to her prayer?

AMY -- Do you find it so difficult to believe that the Holy
Spirit would do His work through people?

LIZ -- Well, yes.

AMY -- Tell me, in the Old Testament, when the Jews were
wandering in the desert for forty years and God wanted to set
up his tabernacle, did the Holy Spirit just create it out of

LIZ -- No. I guess he worked through the craftsman.

AMY -- In the New Testament, why do you suppose Jesus chose the
12 apostles and the 70 disciples? Why do you think his last
instruction before his ascension into Heaven was "Go and make

LIZ -- Oh. I guess the Holy Spirit works through people a lot,
doesn't he?

AMY -- Yes, (turns to exit) and now the Holy Spirit is working
through ME.

LIZ -- Wait a minute.

AMY -- (turns) Huh?

LIZ -- How come the Holy Spirit works through YOU and not
through me?

AMY -- Did you ask him to?

LIZ -- Well, no, not exactly. Do I HAVE to?

AMY -- No. You don't HAVE to. But the Holy Spirit won't force
you to do his work.

LIZ -- So, you just asked the Holy Spirit to use you.

AMY -- Yes. While I was praying with her this afternoon, I asked
the Holy Spirit to use me to help her any way he wanted.

LIZ -- ANY way He wanted.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- So, that included getting out of bed at three O'clock in
the morning.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- What if I ask the Holy Spirit to use me, but specify that
I'm only available between the hours of nine and five?

AMY -- There are about a billion Christians in the world. If you
were the Holy Spirit, would you use the Christians with
limitations or those with no limitations at all?

LIZ -- So, it could be a while before the Holy Spirit uses me.

AMY -- All it will cost you is rewards in Heaven.

LIZ -- I don't see what good you can do, anyway. You don't have
any training in counseling.

AMY -- The Holy Spirit didn't choose a Christian with counseling
experience. He chose me. So I assume that the work He wants me
to do doesn't require it. I think all this person needs is
someone to hold her hand and support her in her time of need.
(exiting) I don't need experience for that.

LIZ -- Maybe I'll go to school an learn to be a counselor.
(exits yawning) Counselors keep better hours.

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