TEMPLE   4'?m2f Body is Holy Spirit's temple, worry, confession

(scene: a bus stop)

LIZ -- (enters wearing business clothes, crosses to front
lip of stage, faces audience, bends forward, looks both ways)

AMY -- (follows in lock-step with Liz wearing white lab coat and
hard hat, writing on a pad of forms, circles Liz when she stops)

LIZ -- Pardon me. Do you know if the 91 bus has come ye... What
are you doing?

AMY -- (continues circling and making notes) Just doing my job.

LIZ -- (clutching at lapels) Well, you're making me feel very
uncomfortable. I wish you'd stop it.

AMY -- (continues circling and making notes) Almost done. (tears
page from pad, offers it) Here's your first one.

LIZ -- (takes slip) My first one?! My first what? (reads)
Citation?! What am I being cited for?!

AMY -- (continues circling and eyeing Liz and making notes) I
believe the citation speaks for itself.

LIZ -- (reads) Building code violations?! I don't even own a

AMY -- No. But you occupy one. You're in violation of your
occupancy permit. Read the ticket.

LIZ -- (reads) Stress cracks?! Where do I have any stress 

AMY -- In your foundation.

LIZ -- (looks at the backs of own legs on both sides) What. Is
this some kind of joke? I don't have any stress cracks! I don't
even have any foundation!

AMY -- That's what they all say.

LIZ -- Just what BUILDING am I suppose to be occupying?!

AMY -- The temple of the Holy Spirit. (nose to nose) You ARE a
Christian, aren't you?

LIZ -- Well, yes. But the temple of the Holy Spirit is...

AMY -- If you're a Christian, your body is the temple of the
Holy Spirit. And right now, your temple is in no condition to
entertain ANY guests, let alone the Holy Spirit.

LIZ -- What are these (reads) stress cracks you're talking

AMY -- They're caused by worry.

LIZ -- Worry.

AMY -- That's right. Christians, of all people, should have NO
worries if they unload them on the Lord every day. But you....

LIZ -- Oh.

AMY -- (nose to nose) You ARE a Christian, aren't you?

LIZ -- Yeah. But I don't talk to the Lord every day. Only when
I'm in trouble.

AMY -- Speaking of trouble... (tears form from pad, offers it)
your temple also suffers from a serious sanitation deficiency.

LIZ -- (reads) "You stink." This is not funny.

AMY -- I'm not trying to be funny. I'm trying to describe what
the Holy Spirit is experiencing by dwelling in your sad excuse
for a temple.

LIZ -- Yes, but (offers ticket) YOU STINK?!

AMY -- When was the last time you had a garbage pickup?

LIZ -- Excuse me?

AMY -- When was the last time you confessed your sins to the

LIZ -- Oh. It's been a while.

AMY -- Do you know what happens to garbage after it accumulates
for several days?

LIZ -- It stinks.

AMY -- Have a little emphathy for your guest of honor!

LIZ -- I'm sorry.

AMY -- Don't be sorry to me. Be sorry to the Lord. He's the one
you've been neglecting. (tears form from pad, offers it)

LIZ -- What's this? Another violation?!

AMY -- If it was up to me, I'd yank your certificate of
occupancy. But you know what a softy the Lord is.

LIZ -- (reads) It says here that I've exceeded the occupancy

AMY -- That's a polite way of saying that you've got too much
going on in your temple. You know what Jesus did with the
sacrifice sellers and money changers in the temple?

LIZ -- He beat them up and threw them out. Say, you don't think

AMY -- Naw. Not a chance. But you're definitely in violation. 
The reason you don't have time to unload your worries and 
confess your sins is the over-crowding. You need to get rid of 
some of your activities that are not in keeping with your new 
capacity as temple of the Holy Spirit.

LIZ -- Like what?

AMY -- Like prime time television. At best, it's a waste of your
time. At worst, it's an insult to your Guest of Honor.

LIZ -- It's just a habit. So are some of the things I read. I
guess I need to rethink how I spend my time. I need to spend
less time wasting time and more time with the Lord.

AMY -- Bingo. Oh, by the way, (points) is that the 91 bus down

LIZ -- Oh! (exits running) Got to go!

AMY -- (exits opposite) See you next inspection!

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