SUNDAYKD 3'2m2f Sunday School promo for kids

(Host interviews the children with microphone in hand. Six, Ten 
and Twelve can be played by children of those ages or by adults 
dressed like children.)

HOST --- Hi, are you just coming out of Sunday School?

SIX ---- Yeah.

HOST --- We're trying to get a few comments about the new Sunday 
School program. Why did you come to the new Sunday School 

SIX ---- My Mom made me come.

HOST --- Yes, well, maybe I could get reactions from some of the 
others. Hi, why did you come to the new Sunday school program?

TEN ---- My Dad said if I didn't come, I'd have to clean the 

HOST --- Yes, well, how about you? Why did you come to the new 
Sunday School program?

TWELVE - How would it look if I was the only one in my 
cul-de-sac who didn't go to Sunday School? Besides, my older 
brother and sister always had to go. It's kind of like the 
family obligation.

HOST --- Well, perhaps I'm not asking the right question. Maybe 
what I should ask is: what did you learn in Sunday School?

SIX ---- Well, I learned that if your put your hand under your 
arm pit just right and pump your arm up and down, it makes a 
really cool noise. Let me show you. (begins to demonstrate)

HOST --- (holds Six's arm) Not right now. I was thinking more in 
terms of what you learned from your teacher. How about you? What 
did you learn in Sunday School today?

TEN ---- I learned that if the rest of the class is making a 
craft project out of drinking straws, I can use them to get 
spit-wads to stick to the ceiling.

HOST --- What I meant was, did you learn anything of lasting 
value in Sunday School today?

TWELVE - I learned that Tiffany Templeton can't be trusted and 
that I'll never choose her for my scripture memory partner ever 
again. She told everybody that I like Brandon Griswald, when all 
I said was that I thought he was cute.

HOST --- Let me put it a different way. Are you planning to come 
back to Sunday School next week?

SIX ---- For sure!

TEN ---- Of course!

TWELVE - Wouldn't miss it!

HOST --- That's more like it. Now tell us what you liked about 
Sunday School.

SIX ---- Our class room is right next to the poddy.

HOST --- Let me rephrase the question. Why do you want to come 
back to Sunday School next week?

TEN ---- Mom won't let me play with Billy Peldo. She says he's a 
bad influence. Well, guess what! Billy Peldo is in my Sunday 
School class!

HOST --- Try to think in terms of blessings. What did you like 
about Sunday School?

TWELVE - Boys.

HOST --- Boys? That's it? Boys? Nothing a little more spiritual?

TWELVE - Scripture memory and boys.

HOST --- Okay, back to you. Think spiritual. Think religious.

TEN ---- I like the Bible games where it's the boys against the 
girls. The boys always win. Billy Peldo really knows his Bible 

HOST --- How about you? What spiritual aspect of Sunday School 
do you like?

SIX ---- Finger paint.

HOST --- Finger paint. Very spiritual. So, would you recommend 
Sunday School to your friends?

SIX ---- Yeah, it's fun.

HOST --- Fun. That's not what I had in mind. You, say something 
religious about Sunday School.

TWELVE - Sunday School is fun, IF you choose the right partner 
for scripture memory.

HOST --- Alright, you are my last hope. Please, say something 

TEN ---- Sunday School is fun. And Billy Peldo is NOT demon 

HOST --- Well, there you have it. Three spiritual thumbs up for 
Sunday School.

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