SUNDAY   2'8m?f Sunday School promo

(scene: Talk show host stands at podium with headphones on, 
taking calls from callers holding phones, standing alternately 
on extreme left and right ends of the stage. Entrances must be 
timed so that callers reach their spot only a half second before 
the host takes their call, then exit quickly and quietly after 
the call is finished.)

HOST -- This is talk radio KRST 790. And this hour is open 
forum. We're taking your calls on any topic this hour. And our 
first caller is Ted from Topeka. Ted, welcome to open forum.

TED --- Yeah, hi. Say, I've been wanting to join a Bible study. 
But I don't have any time during the week. What do you 

HOST -- That's an easy one, Ted. The answer is Sunday School.

TED --- Sunday School? No, see, I'm not talking about a Bible 
study for my kids. 

HOST -- Where you been, Ted, hiding under a rock? There are 
now Sunday School classes for adults too. And Bible studies are 
part of Sunday School classes every week.

TED --- No kidding. Sunday School for adults too?

HOST -- Our next caller is Grace from Galvaston. What's on your 
mind, Grace?

GRACE - Ah, hi. I've been going to my church for some time but I 
still haven't really gotten to know anyone, you know, more than 
just "hi, how are you?" Where can I go to make some nice 
Christian friends?

HOST -- There is no better place to meet new friends than Sunday 
School, Grace.

GRACE - Sunday School? 

HOST -- Yes, most Sunday School classes are small enough that 
you can get to know people on a first name basis.

GRACE - Sunday School. I never thought of that.

HOST -- Our next caller is Bob from Burmingham. What's 
happening, Bob?

BOB --- I've got two questions for you.

HOST -- Fire away, Bob.

BOB --- My first question is "how do I keep my stomach from 
growling in the middle of church service?" The second question 
is "how do I keep from getting drowsy in church?"

HOST -- The answer to both questions is Sunday School, Bob.

BOB --- Sunday School? You lost me there.

HOST -- Your problem is you need a pick-me-up before church, 
Bob. As an incentive to get you to go to Sunday School, they 
serve donuts and coffee. And these are not your average donuts 
and coffee, Bob. The donuts melt in your mouth and the coffee 
tastes like it was brewed by Juan Valdez himself. Check it out.

BOB --- I will!

HOST -- Here's a call from Penelope from Pokipsi. Penelope, 
welcome to open forum.

PEN --- I want to join a prayer group, but I'm not a big one for 
all that spiritual talk, you know, like the THEE's and THOU's. 
What do you recommend?

HOST -- I recommend Sunday School.

PEN --- Sunday School? I said I wanted to pray.

HOST -- They have a prayer time as part of every Sunday School 
class, Penelope, but King James English is optional. You're not 
even required to pray out loud if you don't want to. 

PEN --- Sunday School. What a great idea!

HOST -- Manny from Memphis. Talk to me, Manny.

MANNY - Where can I get into a lively discussion on current 

HOST -- Sunday school. Anna from Annaheim.

ANNA -- Nevermind. I think I already know the answer to my 

BOTH -- Sunday School.

HOST -- Hey, check it out. It's what's happening on Sunday 

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