SUCCESS  3'?m1f Monologue: Procrastination, success, need, want

(enters dejected, faces audience, sighs) Well, here I am. Just
me. All by myself. You know, there was a time when taking on a
project all by myself was my life blood. I was a hard charger...
on my way up!

The sky's the limit!

Don't settle for second best!

The goal is the only thing that's important!

Then my boyfriend said, "Marry me and let's start a family!"

Not right now! My goal is almost in my grasp!

"But when?", he asks.

When things settle down a little.

And my family was no more understanding than my boyfriend. They
had the naivete to think that just because our family has ALWAYS
eaten dinner together on Sundays that we would ALWAYS eat dinner
together on Sundays!

But things change! People change! I have a goal now. I have
places to go, people to see! Important places! Important people!

When I missed a few family dinners, my family treated me as if
"I" had a problem. Then I missed a few more Sunday dinners, then
some holidays. They thought they could shame me by calling me
STRANGER when I arrived. But they just didn't understand. My
sister asked me, "When are you going to start acting like one of
the family again?"

When things settle down a little.

When I started climbing the corporate ladder, my old friends
seemed to be annoyed. It was obvious that they couldn't see my
goal. They asked, "Say, we haven't seen you for a while. When
are we going to get together?"

When things settle down a little.

When I ran into one of the deacons of my church, he reminded me
that it's been a long time since I showed up for church. He
asked, "When will we see you again?"

When things settle down a little.

Gradually, they all began to get the message. When my family
stopped calling to ask if I was coming home for the holiday, I
didn't even notice.

By the time my boyfriend broke up with me, our relationship was
so weak that it wasn't really much of a loss.

I didn't even notice that my church had taken me off their
mailing list.

And I failed to notice that my answering machine got fewer and
fewer calls from my old friends. 

I never even noticed that I stopped referring to my best friend
as my best friend and started referring to her as my friend.
Then after while I began referring to her as this girl I used to

But everybody knows that success has its price. You have to give
a little to get a little. And I finally reached my goal. I am
hugely successful in my field! I even give lectures to the
up-and-comers on how to be successful. The ultimate recognition
came when I was presented with the Award of Merit, the highest
prize you can achieve in my field!

I was so excited about that, as soon as I got home from the
awards ceremony, I picked up the phone to call.... 

(imaginary phone to ear, thinks, looks at imaginary phone, drops

Then it hit me. There was noone left to tell. Then I remembered
my favorite excuse.

When things settle down a little.

When things settle down a little.

When things settle down a little.

Well, things are settle down now and what do I have?

I have everything I want, but nothing I need.

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