STRETCH  4'?m2f Discipleship, ministry, trust, impossibilities

(scene: 6 chairs side-by-side facing audience)

LIZ -- (enters crosses to chairs, sits, stands, paces, sits,
stands, paces)

AMY -- (enters opposite crosses to Liz) Elizabeth! Why are you 
here at my office? Couldn't it wait until the meeting tonight?

LIZ -- I... No. I... I've decided not to come to the meeting

AMY -- You're kidding.

LIZ -- No. I'm dropping out.

AMY -- You're dropping out of the project?!

LIZ -- Yes. It's just impossible. There's no way.

AMY -- But you were so sure before.

LIZ -- That was before I thought about it. There's just no way.

AMY -- But you said the Lord confirmed this in your heart.

LIZ -- Well, he did.

AMY -- You said it was loud and clear.

LIZ -- Well, it was.

AMY -- You said you put out a fleece just like Gideon and the
Lord confirmed it by two Christians.

LIZ -- Well, he did. But I think it may have been just a

AMY -- A coincidence?!

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Why would you think that?

LIZ -- Because there is just no way this project can happen.
It's just impossible.

AMY -- That's true. So what?

LIZ -- So, you admit it's impossible?

AMY -- Well, sure. Your part of the project is not the only part
that's impossible. Everyone of us has said over and over again
that it's impossible.

LIZ -- Well, I'm glad you see it my way. Are you going to call
the others and call it quits?

AMY -- No way!

LIZ -- But you said that we all agree it's impossible.

AMY -- That's right.

LIZ -- But you're not going to call it quits?

AMY -- No way!

LIZ -- Am I missing something here?

AMY -- Yes. You're missing the confirmations we've all received
from God.

LIZ -- Yes. But if we all agree this whole thing is impossible.
How can you go on?

AMY -- Being impossible is just another confirmation that this
project is from the Lord.

LIZ -- You lost me.

AMY -- Let's pretend that we're in a parallel universe where
everything about this project is the same except that we all
agreed that it's trivial.

LIZ -- Trivial. Okay.

AMY -- Who would get the credit when we finish?

LIZ -- I guess we would. So?

AMY -- So, let's switch back to our own parallel universe. Who
is going to get the credit if everybody knows in advance that
it's impossible?

LIZ -- Oh. I see.

AMY -- What do you see?

LIZ -- There's no way we're going to do this without God's help.

AMY -- That's why he gave us the project.

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- Because it's impossible.

LIZ -- Otherwise, people would think we did it ourselves.

AMY -- Precisely.

LIZ -- So, if God's the one who's going to make this project
happen, what does he need us for?

AMY -- If he didn't involve people, who would tell others about

LIZ -- Oh. So, he expects us to tell others about it?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- (turns, walks away) You'd better find someone else then.

AMY -- Wait a minute.

LIZ -- (turns) What.

AMY -- What's you're problem?

LIZ -- I'm not very good at telling people about Jesus.

AMY -- Are you saying it's impossible?

LIZ -- (turns) Yes. So you'd better.... Oh. Wait. (turns) I'm
really being stupid, aren't I?

AMY -- Well,...

LIZ -- If the Lord can make an impossible project happen, the
least he can do is empower me to tell people how he made it

AMY -- That's the way I see it.

LIZ -- It's not like I have to sell people a set of
encyclopedias, or anything. (exiting) Nevermind. I'll see you at
the meeting tonight.

AMY -- Yeah, I guess. (exits opposite, shaking head)
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