SMALLGRP 4'?m2f Small group promo, spiritual gifts

LIZ -- (enters carrying easel with flip charts and pointer,
flips charts and points to key words throughout presentation)
Ladies and Gentlemen, our church has a serious problem. But
before most people were even aware of this problem "I" came up
with a solution. The problem I speak about is... church growth.
You see, this church has been attracting new members in record
numbers. These numbers are the root of the problem. In the old
days, before all these people showed up, we used to celebrate
everybody's birthdays and anniversaries. Everybody knew
everybody else's business. But, now, because of the large number 
of people attending the church, several birthdays and 
anniversaries have gone by without any acknowledgement. People 
get sick and there's noone praying for them. Why, there were 
some people who even went to the hospital and noone knew they 
were there until AFTER they were discharged.

Well, I did some investigation of the problem on my own. It
turns out that this problem with large numbers of people is not
peculiar to our church. According to one author, communication
problems increase as the square of the number of people
communicating. In other words, if our church grows to twice its
size, we can expect FOUR TIMES as many communication problems.
FOUR TIMES as many!

But, do not despair. "I" have come up with a solution. Since
this problem is caused by large numbers, our solution must
attack these large numbers. (unveils diagram showing church with
"X" through half of the pews) If we remove HALF of our pews, we
will cut our communication problems by a factor of FOUR.

This solution only leaves one unanswered question: what to do
with the space created by removing the pews. Fortunately, after
a great deal of consideration "I" have decided that we could
install... a popcorn machine. So, before we take a vote on the
popcorn machine, are there any questions or comments?

AMY -- (stands in audience) I think I have a better solution.

LIZ -- What could be better than a popcorn machine?!

AMY -- I'm not referring to a solution to fill the space created
by removing the pews.

LIZ -- Well, what ARE you talking about then?

AMY -- It's a way to help people keep in touch with each other 
and minimize communication problems.

LIZ -- WITHOUT removing pews?

AMY -- The solution is small groups.

LIZ -- Small groups?

AMY -- Yes, small groups.

LIZ -- You mean, like Bible studies?

AMY -- Well, Bible studies are just some of the activities of
small groups.

LIZ -- What else is there?

AMY -- Small groups allow people to use their spiritual gifts.

LIZ -- How?

AMY -- For people who have the gift of hospitality, they
exercise their spiritual gift by playing host to the small
group. Those with the gift of mercy can visit members of the
group who are sick or in the hospital. Those with the gift of
leadership can plan parties, service opportunities, and short
term mission trips for the group. Those with the gift of
teaching can lead a Bible study. The advantage of a small group
Bible study is that everybody in the group is allowed to ask
questions, which you usually can't do on Sunday mornings. The
small group is an ideal way to reduce communication problems.

LIZ -- Yes, but can it beat a factor of FOUR?

AMY -- What is the factor of a small group of a dozen or so 
compared to the size of the whole church?

LIZ -- I'll have to get back to you on that.

AMY -- Even without a calculator, it seems clear that small
groups will help the church grow smaller as it grows larger,
don't you think?

LIZ -- Well, yes, it does. But...

AMY -- Well, what's your hesitation?

LIZ -- I already put a deposit down on a popcorn machine. (picks 
up easel, exits) I sure hope I can get my deposit back!

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