SLIVER   4'?m2f Sin, forgiveness, suffering, unequally yoked

LIZ -- (enters shouting, spinning, bowing, shaking hand with 
great pain) Ow! Oh! Ah! Oh, Man! Ah! Ow!

AMY -- (enters opposite sewing embroidery project) What 

LIZ -- I got a sliver!

AMY -- That must be some sliver! Let's see.

LIZ -- (offers affected hand pathetically) Here, look! (turns
head away painfully)

AMY -- (inspects Liz's hand) Where?

LIZ -- (points without looking) There! Look at it! It's huge!

AMY -- What do you mean it's huge?! I can barely see it!

LIZ -- Well, it hurts!

AMY -- I thought you were dying. And all you've got is this
little tiny sliver.

LIZ -- (pathetically) It hurts. Can you take it out?

AMY -- (drops Liz's hand, turns) No. Leave it in.

LIZ -- Wait!

AMY -- (turns) What is it now?

LIZ -- Why won't you take out my sliver?

AMY -- Because of the noise you made when you got the sliver.

LIZ -- So, you're being cruel and heartless just because of the
noise I made when I was in excruciating pain?

AMY -- No. I'm being cruel and heartless because of the noise
you'll make when I try to remove the sliver.

LIZ -- How do you know I'll make noise when you remove it?

AMY -- Because that sliver has buried itself under your skin. In
order to get at it, I'll have to pry the skin open with a
needle. (reaches for Liz) But if you insist....

LIZ -- (pulls hand away) No way, you're not doing more damage!

AMY -- (turns) Suit yourself.

LIZ -- Isn't there a more painless way to take it out?

AMY -- (exiting) Try the emergency ward at the hospital.

LIZ -- For a sliver?! (reaches out to Amy) Alright. I'll let you
do it.

AMY -- (turns) What a privilege you have bestowed upon me.

LIZ -- (offers hand) You think I'm a big baby, don't you?

AMY -- (takes needle from embroidery, holds Liz's hand) Hold

LIZ -- (turns head away) Let me know when it's going to hurt.

AMY -- Now.

LIZ -- (screams)

AMY -- Now.

LIZ -- (screams)

AMY -- There, all better.

LIZ -- (looks at wound) You left a huge gash there!

AMY -- (turns) I had to open the wound to get the sliver out.

LIZ -- (inspecting wound) Say, do you think God is trying to
tell me something when he gives me a sliver?

AMY -- (turns) How do you know it was God who gave it to you?
Did you feel him grab your hand and force it against the wood?

LIZ -- I suppose you're right. I suppose I shouldn't blame God
for my own stupidity.

AMY -- You know, even though God didn't give you the sliver, you
may actually learn a lesson from this.

LIZ -- Like what? (sucks finger)

AMY -- Like your activities with your non-Christian friends.

LIZ -- How did YOU find out about that?

AMY -- I have my sources. My point is that your sins are a lot
like a sliver.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- I mean, like a sliver, sin makes you miserable.

LIZ -- So, you KNEW my headache was not a migraine?

AMY -- Of course! You've never had migraines before! But, you
see, in order to cover for your sins, you had to tell lies. 
Then, to avoid telling more lies you added to your pain by 
avoiding your Christian friends.

LIZ -- I suppose you're right. But God will forgive me.

AMY -- You're right about that. But forgiveness does not mean
God will remove the consequences of your actions. Just like the
sliver, there may be more pain to remove it, and it will leave a

LIZ -- (examines wound) You don't think this will leave a scar,
do you?

AMY -- I don't think THAT one will. But can you see any reason
why God would WANT to leave a scar?

LIZ -- I suppose to remind me in the future to avoid being
stupid. Hey, I'm sorry.

AMY -- I accept your apology. But YOU have to remove the sliver.

LIZ -- (inspects wound) I thought you removed my sliver!

AMY -- I mean, you need to get on the phone and tell your
non-Christian friends the lesson you've learned from your 

LIZ -- You're right. I have no business being unequally yoked
with unbelievers. (turns, exits) I can be friends with them, but
I don't have to wallow in the mud with them. (stops, turns) Hey,
thanks for the... surgery. (exits)

AMY -- (exits, opposite) I'll send you my bill.

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