SHORT    2'2m0f The Bible can be used to prove anything

(both dressed in robes)

TOBIAS -- (tall, young) Monsenior?

MONSENIOR -- (short, old) Yes, Brother Tobias?

TOBIAS -- I have made a discovery.

MONSENIOR -- A discovery?

TOBIAS -- Yes, it first began when I was reading Romans 3:23. 
See. (Shows the Bible) "All have sinned and fall SHORT."


TOBIAS -- And it got me thinking. What if being SHORT is 
punishment for being a sinner.

MONSENIOR -- Excuse me?

TOBIAS -- Look here: Isaiah 59:1: "Surely the arm of the Lord is 
not too SHORT."

MONSENIOR -- And that means...

TOBIAS -- Well, obviously, Isaiah is saying that the Lord has 
long arms, which means he's tall and sinners are SHORT.

MONSENIOR -- Sinners are...

TOBIAS -- SHORT. It's amazing! When you're looking for it there 
it is. Hebrews 4:1 "...let us be careful that none of you be 
found to have fallen SHORT."

MONSENIOR -- I'm not sure that SHORT means...

TOBIAS -- See, once you've discovered this tremendous insight, 
other scriptures take on a whole new meaning. Like this one, 
Proverbs 19:11 "A man's wisdom gives him patience. It is to his 
glory to OVERLOOK an offense." (looks down on Monsenior)

MONSENIOR -- Brother Tobias, don't get too excited about this...

TOBIAS -- And this one: Psalm 118:7 "The Lord is with me. He is 
my helper. I will look in triumph ON my enemies." (looks down on 

MONSENIOR -- Brother Tobias, be careful that you don't...

TOBIAS -- Here's one that will get you thinking: Isaiah 41:10 "I 
will strengthen you and help you, I will UPhold you with my 
righteous right hand."

MONSENIOR -- So what you're saying is that dwarfs and little 
people are that way because they're sinful?

TOBIAS -- According to the Bible.

MONSENIOR -- This wouldn't have anything to do with the fact 
that you're six feet three inches tall would it, Brother Tobias?

TOBIAS --  Ah, well, ah...

MONSENIOR -- I have another verse for you to consider.

TOBIAS --  Sure. Why not?

MONSENIOR -- Proverbs 29:23.

TOBIAS -- (looks it up) 29:...23 "Here it is: A man's pride 
brings him...low." Good night, Monsenior. (exits)

MONSENIOR -- Good night, Brother Tobias. (exits)

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