SERVICE  6'?m2f Ministry, discipleship, service, humility

LIZ -- (enters backward, wearing taylored business suit, looks
all around) What on earth is going on here!

AMY -- (enters opposite carrying clipboard) You're asking the
wrong question.

LIZ -- (turns) Excuse me? Who are you?

AMY -- I'll be your supervisor here.

LIZ -- MY supervisor?! I don't have a supervisor! I'm a CEO! Who
are you? And how did you get me here?

AMY -- As I started to say, I'll be your supervisor during your
first few millennia while you're here in Heaven.

LIZ -- Heaven?! If this is some kind of joke, I'll find out who
your supervisor is and have you fired!

AMY -- It's no joke. (scans clipboard) According to my records
your last moments on earth were spent watching a tornado...

LIZ -- Oh. The tornado! It was coming right at me! I never even
made it to the elevator! Wait a minute. If I didn't make it to
the elevator, that means... that means I'm... dead.

AMY -- That's what I've been trying to tell you. I came to
apologize to you on behalf of Jesus. He would normally be here
to greet you himself, but two thousand people died in the
tornado, so he's a bit behind schedule. He asked me to greet you
and show you to your accommodations. Now if you'll come right
this... (turns)

LIZ -- (holds palm toward Amy) Wait a minute.

AMY -- (turns) What's the matter?

LIZ -- I think you better recheck your records. There's been a

AMY -- A mistake? That's impossible. This is Heaven. There are
no mistakes in Heaven. Everything in Heaven is controlled by God

LIZ -- Well, then maybe you misread your instructions.

AMY -- (scans clipboard) I... I don't understand. What...

LIZ -- When I first got here, you identified yourself as my

AMY -- Yes. That's right. And?

LIZ -- And I'm a CEO. I don't need a supervisor. Jesus will
probably assign me to be a supervisor or manager.

AMY -- (points to clipboard) No. It says right here that I have
been assigned as your supervisor for the next 3000 years.

LIZ -- Three thousand years?!

AMY -- Oh, it goes by quickly. You'll see. Now if you'll come
right this... (turns)

LIZ -- (holds palm toward Amy) Wait a minute.

AMY -- (turns) Is there something else?

LIZ -- No. There's something the same. I am a CEO. I've been a
CEO for years. I report to noone. Ever. I don't need a
supervisor at all, let alone a supervisor for 3000 years.

AMY -- And yet, that's what Jesus commanded. (points to

LIZ -- But this couldn't possibly have been a mistake?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- An oversight?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- Perhaps Jesus has mistaken me for someone else?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- So, if Jesus doesn't have me slated for management or
supervision, what DOES He have me slated for?

AMY -- (bends, picks up string-mop, hands the string end to Liz)

LIZ -- (takes mop) You've got to be kidding!

AMY -- Actually, Jesus has a terrific sense of humor, but he's
not joking about this.

LIZ -- You've got to be kidding! (hands mop back to Amy)

AMY -- (takes mop) I'm sorry but Jesus isn't kidding. (offers

LIZ -- (rejects mop) A CEO doesn't mop floors!

AMY -- I don't know how to tell you this, but you died. You're
no longer a CEO. As the Bible says, you take nothing into the
world and you take nothing out of it, including your job status.
(offers mop)

LIZ -- (takes mop) But surely I can be more useful to Jesus as a
supervisor or a manager than as a janitor.

AMY -- Actually, from Jesus' point of view, you would be
absolutely worthless as a supervisor or manager here in Heaven.

LIZ -- How can you say that?!

AMY -- Jesus supervised and managed through sacrifice and
service and he insists that all of his supervisors do the same.

LIZ -- I can do that.

AMY -- How would WE know that?

LIZ -- How would you know?

AMY -- Have you ever washed the feet of your employees?

LIZ -- I should hope not! Oh.

AMY -- Have you ever taken a whipping for your employees? Have
you ever been hung on a cross....

LIZ -- Alright! I get where you're going with this. Jesus
sacrificed and suffered a lot for his people.

AMY -- You had an opportunity to sacrifice and suffer on earth.

LIZ -- I did?!

AMY -- Yes, and if you had taken advantage of the opportunity,
you would have probably been more useful to Jesus here in
Heaven. But...

LIZ -- Wait a minute. When did I have an opportunity to
sacrifice and suffer on earth?

AMY -- You were offered several ministries in the church. But
you chose not to.

LIZ -- Wait a minute. How is doing a church ministry going to
make me more useful?

AMY -- Well, for one thing, you would have worked without pay.

LIZ -- Oh, that.

AMY -- And, if you're doing your ministry well, you would have
worked without recognition or thanks.

LIZ -- Oh.

AMY -- And if you were lucky in your ministry, people would have
heaped abuse on you.

LIZ -- If you're lucky?

AMY -- Jesus promised that if you're abused for doing God's work
on earth, you will be blessed.

LIZ -- So, (gestures toward mop) this is what he meant.

AMY -- But since you didn't learn sacrifice and humility on
earth, we'll teach them to you here in Heaven.

LIZ -- (gazes at mop) For 3000 years.

AMY -- It'll go by in the wink of an eye. As the Bible says, to
God a thousand years is but a day. Now if you'll come right this
way... (exits)

LIZ -- (exiting) Man! With a little sacrifice, I could have been
a supervisor or a manager! (shaking mop in front of own face,
points at mop) This is all YOUR fault!

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