SAILBOAT 6'1m1f Salvation analogy in a sailboat

(sound cue: jingle of small bell as door opens)

BOB -- (enters, crosses casually looking around)

AMY -- (enters opposite, wiping hands on apron) Hello, may I 
help you?

BOB -- Yes. I was looking for a sail boat. (holds up hand) Oh, 
not a real sail boat, a toy. Well, actually, not a toy, more 
like a scale model...

AMY -- Your timing couldn't be better. (points over shoulder) I 
just got in a beautiful scale model sail boat this morning. I 
was just cleaning it up to put it on display.

BOB -- The boat I'm looking for is a scale model of a twin 
masted schooner. It has real brass fittings and the sails are 
made of silk.

AMY -- Oh dear.

BOB -- What's the matter?

AMY -- How do you know so much about this little boat?

BOB -- Do you have it? It has the name "Adam" painted on the 

AMY -- Oh, dear.

BOB -- You DO have it!

AMY -- Unfortunately, yes.

BOB -- Unfortunately?

AMY -- Please don't tell me that I bought stolen property.

BOB -- Not really, my boat just kind of got away from me last 
night when the wind on the lake changed direction all of a 
sudden. I ran after it, but by the time I got around to the 
other shore, it was gone.

AMY -- Oh, dear. 

BOB -- (reaches for wallet) Oh, if it's the money you're worried 
about, don't worry. I'll pay you for it. How much?

AMY -- The man who sold it to me acted as if it belonged to him.

BOB -- I'm sure he thought the boat was abandoned. It really 
doesn't matter. The important thing is that I get my boat back. 
How much do you want for it?

AMY -- I was going to sell it for $35.

BOB -- Fine. (pulls bills from wallet) Here's...

AMY -- I don't want to mislead you. I paid the man just $5 for 

BOB -- No, no. Here's $40. I want to make it worth your while.

AMY -- (reaches, withdraws) Listen, I can't take all that. 

BOB -- No, please. Take it. It's worth it to get my boat back. 
The boat is okay, isn't it? It's not broken or anything.

AMY -- Actually, it's in mint condition. It's a work of art. 
Amazing workmanship.

BOB -- Thank you.

AMY -- Don't tell me you built that beautiful boat yourself.

BOB -- Yes. I'm a marine architect. I design luxury cruise ships 
for a living. I have plenty of money. Please take the money.

AMY -- Well, alright. (takes money) Listen, I hope you won't 
think I'm trying to jack up the price or anything. I'm just 
curious. Why are you so anxious to get back a toy boat?

BOB -- It has sentimental value. I built it when... Well, it's a 
long story.

AMY -- (motions around) As you can see the store is not busy. 
I've got plenty of time. But if you're in a hurry....

BOB -- Oh, no. I built that little boat a long time ago, when I 
first became a Christian. I was reading the book of Genesis at 
the time. I named the boat after the first man on earth.

AMY -- Oh, Adam! I thought that was the name of the owner.

BOB -- No, my name is Bob. As I was building the boat from 
scratch, I tried imagined what it must be like for the Lord to 
build the universe and then the first man from scratch... out of 

AMY -- I see. Well, the creator, or what ever you call him, must 
be very proud of your workmanship. That boat has AMAZING detail.

BOB -- Thank you. I hated to get it wet.

AMY -- Why did you? ...get it wet, I mean.

BOB -- I just had to feel what it was like to set my creation 
free as God did. Isn't that ironic?

AMY -- Ironic?

BOB -- The first time I set MY Adam free he went astray too. I 
chased him all the way across the lake, just like yesterday, 
except the first time I recovered the boat myself. He hasn't 
been in the water since.

AMY -- So, why did you set him free again yesterday?

BOB -- It's a long story.

AMY -- I'm not going anywhere.

BOB -- Well, you sounded like you're not a Christian and I'm not 
sure you'd understand.

AMY -- I'd really like to hear this.

BOB -- Well, the fact is "I" went astray, just recently. I 
turned my back on the Lord and He stood on the shore and watched 
me sail out of sight and into troubled waters. That little sail 
boat is what reminded me of how far I had strayed from my maker. 

AMY -- Why are you laughing?

BOB -- "I" am my boat. My Lord created me. He set me free. I 
sailed into trouble and he bought me back. I was his creation, 
but He bought me back.

AMY -- I... I don't understand. How is that the same? I can see 
how you bought your boat back. But, how did YOUR creator buy you 

BOB -- It's a long story.

AMY -- Listen, you're the first Christian I've ever talked to 
who speaks in terms that I can understand. What do you mean, 
your creator bought you back?

BOB -- Well, it's kind of like while universe was still on the 
drawing board, the Lord knew that I turn my back on him and sail 
into troubled waters. So, before he even laid the keel of his 
new creation, he went down to the pawn shop on Main Street and 
said, "Here's forty bucks to buy back Bob when he goes astray."

AMY -- Are you saying that this creator of yours knew you would 
turn your back on him, but he finished creating you anyway, 
knowing that he would have to buy you back?

BOB -- That's exactly what I'm saying. 

AMY -- That's what this Jesus thing is all about, isn't it?

BOB -- Yes.

AMY -- And I suppose that's a long story too.

BOB -- Yes.

AMY -- Well, then, let me pour you a cup of coffee and you can 
tell me about it, (exits) while I finish cleaning the water 
spots off your boat.

BOB -- (follows) It's a deal.

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