RUBIX    5'?m2f Answers to prayer: yes, no, or wait

(scene: a rubix cube on a small table)

AMY -- (enters dressed for church, shouts) Let's go. It's time
to leave.

LIZ -- (enters dressed for church, slouching, sighs) I don't
think I'm going. You can leave without me.

AMY -- But you always go to church! Aren't you feeling well?

LIZ -- I feel alright. It's just....

AMY -- Just what?

LIZ -- Well, if you must know, I'm mad at God.

AMY -- You're... mad? At God?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- Why?

LIZ -- Well, I've been praying for weeks about something and I
think God is stonewalling me.

AMY -- Stonewalling.

LIZ -- Yes, He won't tell me YES. He won't tell me NO. He won't
even tell me MAYBE. He's stonewalling.

AMY -- (sighs) Come to church.

LIZ -- No. Maybe if God notices I'm not there, he'll get off
dead-center and answer my prayer. Even a NO answer would be
better than stonewalling.

AMY -- (sighs) Alright. I tell you what. While I'm gone, I'll
give you something to do.

LIZ -- What.

AMY -- (picks up Rubix cube) If you can solve this Rubix cube,
I'll write you a check for a thousand dollars.

LIZ -- A thousand dollars?!

AMY -- I thought that would lift your spirits.

LIZ -- A thousand dollars is a lot of money for you. You
obviously think I can't solve this puzzle, or you wouldn't put
that much money on the line.

AMY -- Well, can you?

LIZ -- As a matter of fact, I did solve it several years ago. It
took a while, but I did it.

AMY -- Good.

LIZ -- I could use a thousand dollars.

AMY -- (exiting) Good! I'll see you after church. (stops, turns)
Oh, by the way, you have to solve it in less than two minutes.

LIZ -- Two minutes!

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- But it took me three days to solve it last time!

AMY -- But you've solved it before. It should be easy for you.

LIZ -- You obviously don't know anything about a Rubix cube!
There's a lot of matching and twisting to solve this thing!
You're being unreasonable!

AMY -- I'm not being any more unreasonable with you than you are
with God.

LIZ -- How am I being unreasonable with God?

AMY -- (approaches) Well, for one thing you left out one
possible answer to prayer.

LIZ -- Which possible answer is that?

AMY -- Well, in addition to YES and NO or even MAYBE, it's
possible that God's answer to you now is WAIT.

LIZ -- Wait.

AMY -- Yes, WAIT.

LIZ -- I doubt it. God can do anything with the snap of his
fingers. (demonstrates)

AMY -- Of course he CAN do it instantly. But for the most part,
since Jesus ascended into Heaven, he works through his people.

LIZ -- You mean US?

AMY -- Yes. What I'm saying is God may have already set in
motion his solution to your prayer request, but if the answer to
your prayer involves people, the best of God's people are
already busy answering prayers for others.

LIZ -- So, you think the reason I haven't heard from God is that
I have to wait my turn.

AMY -- Let's use the RUBIX cube as an example.

LIZ -- (shows cube) This?

AMY -- Yes, (points) suppose this person in this square was
chosen by God to help with the answer to your prayer. But he is
currently on a short term mission trip to Maylasia. When he gets
back, he's due to have lunch with (points to opposite side of
cube) this person way over here, but this person is also busy
answering somebody else's prayer (takes cube, twists). When they
finally get together, their conversation is overheard by (twists
cube, points) this person here, who mentions what he over heard
to.... (twists cube)

LIZ -- (takes cube) Alright, I get the point. When God uses
people to answer my prayer, it doesn't happen right away.

AMY -- That's right. A lot of people and resources have to line
up just right to answer your prayer. But that's not the limiting

LIZ -- What IS the limiting factor?

AMY -- (takes cube, turns it upside down, points) This person
here has to be mentally and spiritually prepared when the
previous events all come together at the precise moment.

LIZ -- Who do you think that might be?


LIZ -- Me?!

AMY -- In order for God to get the credit for all this
manipulation, the answer to your prayer will be better than your
wildest dream. But if you're not mentally and spiritually
prepared, (twists puzzle twice) The answer to your prayer might
be right in front of you and you wouldn't even recognize it.
(drops cube into Liz's hand)

LIZ -- (tilts head, studies cube) Oh. (turns cube) Oh. (drops
cube into Amy's hand, exits)

AMY -- Where are you going?

LIZ -- (stops, turns) To church. I've got to get ready for the
answer to my prayer! (exits)

AMY -- (smiles at cube, drops on table, follows) Now there's a

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