RODEO    3'9m?f Fellowship, Psalm 23, spiritual warfare

SHEEP -- (an indefinite number of sheep enter singly, wander
around stage) Baaaah. Baaaah. (when two sheep meet) The Loooord
is my Sheeeepard. I shall not be in Waaaaant. (sheep clump into
a herd, bleating)

ANNOUNCER -- (enters after all sheep are on stage) Hi, rodeo
fans and welcome to the Demon rodeo. This next event is called
"cutting the herd".

DEMON -- (enters wearing cowboy clothes, carrying coil of rope
with lasso loop on the end)

SHEEP -- (bleat louder, shuffle and tighten their herd away from

ANNOUNCER -- As you can see, the natural reaction of Christian
sheep when threatened by demonic behavior is to seek comfort
from other Christians. In this competition, the demon cowboy
will attempt to overcome the natural tendency of Christians to
seek strength and comfort from fellowship with other 
Christians in the herd.

DEMON -- (begins flailing rope lasso up and down as he shuffles
along the edge of the herd) Yeehah!

SHEEP -- (shuffle and bump each other with more vigor, but keep
bleating at low levels so that Announcer's voice can be heard)

ANNOUNCER -- In order to CUT or isolate a single sheep from
the herd, the Demon cowboy will try to work the herd into a
frenzy in order to get the sheep to forget the strength and
comfort of the herd and start thinking about individual survival
and other selfish issues.

SHEEP -- (one sheep is isolated from the herd but shuffles 
frantically to try to rejoin herd)

DEMON -- (inserts self between herd and single sheep)

ANNOUNCER -- Once the demon cowboy sees a weakness in the herd,
he immediately exploits the weakness, thus driving the
individual Christian further from the herd. The Cowboy knows
that the longer he can get a Christian away from the herd, the
less likely it will be that he will rejoin the herd.

DEMON -- (drives individual offstage, reenters, repeatedly
singles out and separates sheep, driving them offstage too)

ANNOUNCER -- That's one point for the demon cowboy! And he
immediately returns to the herd to single out another sheep.
Notice that once the herd is reduced it is weakened as a refuge
and encouragement for the remaining sheep. The demon cowboy
definitely has the right strategy! Each succeeding attack on the
Christian herd of sheep becomes easier and easier because there
are fewer and fewer sheep to give comfort.

Demon cowboys in the open range know that the strength of
Christians is in their herding behavior. Without the strength
and encouragement of the herd, the individual Christian sheep is
no match for the outside world. That's one more point for the
demon cowboy!

SHEEP -- (separated sheep rejoin herd)

ANNOUNCER -- Well, it looks like the sheep are smarter than the
demon cowboy gives them credit for. The separated sheep wised up
and came back to the herd! The demon cowboy loses all the

DEMON -- (stomps foot, exits)

ANNOUNCER -- Well, it looks like the demon cowboy has conceded 
victory for now. But take it from me, he'll be back to attack 
the herd again soon. So, there you have it, rodeo fans, take a 
lesson from these Christian sheep, "do not give up meeting 
together". Stay close to your herd.

(picks up shepherds crook)

Come along children! (exits)

SHEEP -- (bleat and follow Announcer)

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