QUIET2   4'?m2f Monthly quiet time: listening to silence

(scene: park bench or three chairs side-by-side facing audience)

AMY -- (enters carrying Bible and headphones with large ear 
cups, with headphone plug in pocket, crosses to bench sits, puts 
on headphones, deep breath, closes eyes)

LIZ -- (enters, crosses to bench) Hi. (sits)

AMY -- (opens eyes, smiles, nods, closes eyes)

LIZ -- What are you listening to?

AMY -- (eyes closed) Nothing.

LIZ -- Oh, come on. You can tell me. (pause) Well? What is it? 
Is it one of those dirty songs from that British singer with the 
woman's name?

AMY -- No. It's nothing.

LIZ -- (pause) Well, if you think I'm going to sit here all 
afternoon and guess what you're listening to, think again. 
(pause) You know that's really annoying!

AMY -- (pulls one ear-piece away from ear) Excuse me?

LIZ -- Why won't you tell me what you're listening to?

AMY -- I told you. It's nothing. (resumes closed-eyed listening)

LIZ -- You must think I'm pretty stupid. You sit all alone here 
in the middle of the park wearing head phones and I'm supposed 
to believe there's nothing going on? What are you up to?

AMY -- (pulls one ear-piece away from ear) Excuse me?

LIZ -- You're up to something. I know it. (slides next to Amy) 
Let me listen. (pulls one ear piece away from Amy's head, puts 
ear near) I can't hear anything. 

AMY -- That's what I've been trying to tell...

LIZ -- ...I know what you're doing. (removing headphones from 
Amy's head, and putting them on self) You've got the volume 
turned down low so noone will overhear what you're listening to. 
(pause, puts hands on both ear-pieces, pushes) I still don't 
hear anything.

AMY -- That's what I've been trying to tell...

LIZ -- ...I know what you did. You turned it off when you saw me 
coming. (pulls headphone plug from Amy's pocket, dangles plug in 
front of own face) It's not plugged in. 

AMY -- That's what I've been trying to tell...

LIZ -- ...(removes headphones) Alright, what did you do with the 

AMY -- I don't have a walkman.

LIZ -- A radio, then.

AMY -- I don't have a radio.

LIZ -- Portable TV.

AMY -- I don't have a portable TV.

LIZ -- CD.

AMY -- I don't have a CD. (stands, lifts arms pirouettes) 
Look, no walkman, no radio, no portable TV, no CD.

LIZ -- What are you up to?

AMY -- I'm not up to...

LIZ -- ...You're up to something, I know it.

AMY -- I'm doing my quiet time.

LIZ -- Your what?

AMY -- My quiet time.

LIZ -- What is that, some kind of a code word? A conspiracy?

AMY -- No. About once a month, more often if I can, I come out 
here to the park to get away from the constant noise of TVs, 
radios, C.D.s, stereos, telephones... and well-meaning friends.

LIZ -- And you WANT to listen to... NOTHING?!

AMY -- Yes. After I quiet my mind for a few minutes, (holds up 
Bible) I read a passage or two in the Bible and sit silently and 
let the words find an application in my life.

LIZ -- That's what you do every day during your daily devotions.

AMY -- That's right. But out here in the park I get to be alone 
with the Lord all afternoon. And because it's unhurried and I 
don't have the pressures of the day weighing upon me, I usually 
come away with an insight into my life or a useful idea that I 
wouldn't get during my daily devotions.

LIZ -- It can't be that simple. You're up to something. I know 

AMY -- (takes headphones) Listen, while you sit here and figure 
it out, I'll just find a quiet place in the park. (exits putting 
on headphones)

LIZ -- (follows, snaps fingers) I know what you're doing! 
You're eves dropping on somebody's conversation. Yeah, that's 
it! Nobody just sits and listens to nothing.

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