QUESTION 2'1m?f Questions I will ask when I get to heaven

The more I read the Bible, the more questions I have. When I get
to heaven, I'll have a lot of questions for the Lord. Questions
like these:

Was John the Baptist a Southern Baptist?

Did Eve have an Adam's apple?

Do the people in the nation of Cush have it easy?

Do Edomites cause an itch?

Is the Leviathon a race where you run 26 miles in blue jeans?

Do you get much honey from the Macabees?

If dying for a cause is smart, why do they call it martyrDOM?

How many cards in a MelchizeDEK?

What is par for the Olivet Discourse?

Would you expect to a find pastoral letter in a pasture? 

How much does a Pentecost?

How far can a Pharisee?

What makes the virgin Merry?

How much beer can you pour into a Philistine?

What formula do you use to calculate the volume of a Sanhedrin?

Was the sermon on the mount delivered on horseback?

Does a triumphal entry get you to the big spin?

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