PUMP     5'?m1f Monologue: Give back to the Lord

It was a really foolish thing I did. But it taught me a really
important lesson about life. Let me explain.

I was visiting some relatives in the desert. Then, on my way
back to my uncle's house, billows of steam began to boil from
under the hood of my car. I stopped the car when the red light
came on. So, there I was in the middle of the desert, miles from
civilization with a radiator that needed water and there wasn't
a drop of water in sight.

Then, I remembered... my uncle had mentioned a ghost town just
off the main road. I thought to myself, "Where there's a town 
there's got to be a lake or a river nearby." Instead of staying 
by the car and waiting for help to arrive, stupidity took over 
and I abandoned the car and walked toward where I thought the 
ghost town probably was. "It can't be more than a mile or two", 
I thought.

Well, a mile or two turned into three, then, four, then five.
No ghost town, no river, no lake. No standing water of any kind.
My mouth was parched. I had lost so much body water that I had
stopped sweating. If I didn't get a drink of water soon, I was
about to become the next of many victims for which this desert
had become famous.

Then, I saw it in the distance. The ghost town. When I
finally staggered to what used to be the town square, I saw a
watering trough and hand pump. I began (demonstrates) cranking
the squeaky handle up and down. Up and down. Up and down.
(pants) Up and down. (sigh) Oh no. This is it, I thought.
They're going to find my dry bleached bones picked clean by the
vultures that were circling patiently overhead. (sigh, sinks to

That's when I saw some writing scratched into the side of the
watering trough. (motions) It said, "Use the water in the jar to
prime the pump. Then, refill the jar and bury it in the sand."

Water! (digs) A jar of water! (crawls, digs) It's here
somewhere! (stops, pauses, raises imaginary jar to eye level)

Water! A whole jar of water! (screws off lid) I opened the jar
and was about to drink it down in one gulp, when I
remembered (pause) the water is for priming the pump! (pauses to
eye imaginary jar and pump alternately several times, wipes

But what if I pour the water down the pump and the pump still
doesn't work? (pauses to eye imaginary jar and pump alternately
several times, wipes mouth) Do I stick with the sure thing and
drink it down in one beautiful, thirst quenching gulp!? Or do I
risk a little to possibly gain a lot?

I called myself some rather unflattering names as (demonstrates)
I emptied the jar of water down the throat of the pump and
pumped the handle. Within a dozen pumps the water began to flow
generously into the watering trough. So I put my face right
there at the mouth of the pump and drank until my stomach ached.
(sits) Then I sat back and apologized to myself for the

That's when I saw the jar again. Obediently, I picked it up off
the sand and filled it with water, screwed the cover on, and
buried it in the sand next to the pump, so that the next poor
fool who tries to defy the desert will have a chance at

Well, to make a long story short, I layed in the shade for
several hours and recovered from my heat stroke until my uncle
showed up. He had come looking for me and anticipated my

But on the way home, he asked, "Did you learn anything from your

I said, "Yeah. Don't abandon your car."

"No," he said, "Did you learn anything about your walk with

"What kind of question is that?!" I asked.

And then it hit me. My uncle had been nagging me for years to
start giving of my time, talents and money to the church. That's
what he was talking about!

The Lord has given me a jar of time, talents and money and he
wants me to prime the pump with it, so that his blessings can
begin to flow generously over me and splash onto others. And he
wants me to fill a jar to leave some blessings behind to save
others from certain death.

That's what he wants from you too. Prime the pump.

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