PRAISE2  4'?m2f Music, praise and worship

AMY -- (enters, crosses hurriedly, looks around, paces, looks 
repeatedly at watch and back to exit)

LIZ -- (enters dejected, crosses unhurriedly)

AMY -- Oh, there you are. It already started. Hurry.

LIZ -- Let's not go in right away.

AMY -- Didn't you hear me? I said it already started.

LIZ -- Let's wait until we can talk to him alone. I hate all 
that gushing.

AMY -- Gushing?! Giving credit where credit is due is hardly 

LIZ -- Well, I don't feel all that gushy right now. My boy 
friend just broke up with me.

AMY -- Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I'm sorry.

LIZ -- So, you don't mind if we wait for a while? I just don't 
feel like it.

AMY -- I don't feel like it either. I had a root canal yesterday 
and my pain pills aren't working. But he doesn't deserve any 
less praise merely because I don't feel like praising him. And 
don't forget, he saved your life!

LIZ -- He saved a lot of people's lives. Let the others praise 

AMY -- So, you think he deserves less praise just because you 
feel bad or because other people can praise him?

LIZ -- Well,...

AMY -- You know, it isn't like we're here to praise him for 
winning the lottery or for being a nice person.

LIZ -- I know. He's a hero.

AMY -- Would it kill you to go in there and acknowledge him in 
front of other people?

LIZ -- I don't... I just don't FEEL like it. Besides, he's saved 
hundreds of lives. Don't you think he'll get tired of everybody 
telling him what a great hero he is?

AMY -- I will remind you that we're doing this as much for us as 
for him.

LIZ -- I don't understand. How is gushing...

AMY -- (points figure at Liz's nose)

LIZ -- Alright, I'm sorry. Let me rephrase that. How is 
acknowledging his heroism going to benefit us?

AMY -- By acknowledging the hero and his heroism in public, we 
are holding up heroism as an ideal to be strived for. The more 
we praise him, the more we become like him. Do I have to remind 

LIZ -- ...No, you don't have to remind me. Because of his 
example, I was inspired to go out and save a life myself.

AMY -- And when we praised you and acknowledged 
you for your heroism, do you remember what you said?

LIZ -- Yes. I remember. I said I did it without thinking about 
it. It was automatic.

AMY -- Do you remember WHY you said it was automatic?

LIZ -- I know what you're driving at.

AMY -- What am I driving at?

LIZ -- I said it became automatic because we have been meeting 
regularly to praise HIM for HIS heroism.

AMY -- So, in addition to praising him for saving your life, it 
wouldn't hurt you to praise him for also being a good example.

LIZ -- But don't you think he gets tired of hearing all of us...

AMY -- ...Listen!

LIZ -- Alright. I'm listening.

AMY -- If you won't praise him for his heroism or for being such 
a great example, at least you can praise him for who he is.

LIZ -- Who he is. He's a hero.

AMY -- No. I mean, praise him for who he is TO YOU.

LIZ -- To me.

AMY -- If it weren't for him, you wouldn't even be here!

LIZ -- I said that. He saved my life. But...

AMY -- No. I mean, without him you wouldn't even exist.

LIZ -- Oh, you mean, I should praise him because he's my father.

AMY -- Do you know how many people would just love to have him 
for a father?

LIZ -- Lots, I suppose.

AMY -- Don't you think he'd like to hear you say that your proud 
to be his CHILD? Would that be asking too much?

LIZ -- I guess it would be kind of an insult if I didn't at 
least acknowledge him. Wouldn't it?

AMY -- Kind of.

LIZ -- (exiting) Let's go.

AMY -- (follows, mimicking) Oh, but I hate all that gushing!

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