PICTURE  3'?m2f Keeping the Sabbath is not a ticket to Heaven

AMY -- (enters, crosses to podium or desk) It's over here.

LIZ -- (follows) Where are you going? Why can't you just answer
my question?

AMY -- I could tell you, but I'd rather show you. (pulls picture
from pile on desk)

LIZ -- Show me? Show me what? A picture?

AMY -- (offers picture) Yes. What do you see?

LIZ -- I don't see what this has to do with observing the 
Sabbath Laws.

AMY -- Humor me.

LIZ -- (takes, examines picture) It's a beach.

AMY -- Where?

LIZ -- Where?

AMY -- Yes. What beach is it?

LIZ -- I don't know why you can't just answer my question.

AMY -- (points to picture silently)

LIZ -- Alright. (examines picture) That hotel there looks like
that big one in Miami Beach. So, I'll guess that this is a
picture of Miami Beach.

AMY -- If you took this picture to the airport and told the 
ticket agent that this picture entitles you to go to Miami 
Beach, would he let you on the airplane?

LIZ -- No. Of course not.

AMY -- But that's what you're trying to do with the Sabbath Law.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- The Law was designed by God to give you a picture of what
Heaven is like. But you're trying to turn it into a plane ticket
to get you there.

LIZ -- But God wouldn't give us the Laws and then not expect us
to obey them. Would he?

AMY -- He didn't give the Laws to US. He gave the Laws to the
Jews. Are you a Jew?

LIZ -- No. But are you saying that he didn't expect the Jews to
keep the Laws?

AMY -- He wanted them to keep his Sabbath Laws. But do you know
why God let Babylon conquer Israel?

LIZ -- They didn't keep the Sabbath Laws?

AMY -- Bingo. God knew that man is incapable of keeping his Laws
but he gave them the Laws anyway.

LIZ -- Why would he do that?

AMY -- I think that God also used the Law to demonstrate that 
man is incapable of following the Law.

LIZ -- But if the Law isn't a ticket to Heaven, how can anybody
get there? (realization) Oh. Don't tell me. Why does the 
conversation always get back to Jesus?

AMY -- Because the Bible says there is no other name by which 
we MUST be saved.

LIZ -- (turns to exit) We'll see about that.

AMY -- (follows) Where are you going with my picture?

LIZ -- (turns) To the airport. (turns) If this picture doesn't
get me on a plane to Miami, I'll give up trying to keep
the Law and follow Jesus. (exits)

AMY -- (follows) Always doing things the hard way.
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