PERFECT  3'?m2f Ministry: don't wait for perfect conditions

(scene: chest of drawers and chair)

AMY -- (enters, crosses to far exit) I'll get his blue suit and
shoes. You get his shirt and tie. Okay? (exits)

LIZ -- (follows) Okay. (opens drawer, pulls out dress shirt,
closes drawer, straightens, evaluates shirt, reopens drawer,
puts away shirt, removes another, closes drawer, holds shirt to
own face, sits, sighs, cries)

AMY -- (reenters carrying black suit, black shoes) I think his
black suit would be more appropriate, don't you Sis?

LIZ -- (stares tearfully at shirt)

AMY -- Sis, what's wrong? (pats Liz)

LIZ -- I gave Daddy this shirt for Christmas five years ago. He
never wore it. It's still in the original wrapper.

AMY -- I hope you don't think that means he didn't love you. He
said he loved you on his death bed.

LIZ -- Oh... oh, no! The reason he didn't wear it was because
it's made of pure silk. He always said he was saving it for a
special occasion worthy of wearing it.

AMY -- Well, I'd say his funeral is a special occasion.

LIZ -- It was so like him. It was the story of his life.

AMY -- I... I don't understand.

LIZ -- Daddy always put off getting into a ministry because he
was waiting for circumstances to be just right. (mimics) "I'm
too busy right now. But as soon as things slow down a little..."

AMY -- Oh, I see what you mean. Then, when things slowed down,
he didn't have enough Bible knowledge.

LIZ -- (mimics) "I'll get into a ministry as soon as I take a
few college courses".

AMY -- Well, he did take a few college courses. He was a real
Bible scholar.

LIZ -- (mimics) "But the timing isn't right. I've got vacation
coming up."

AMY -- Daddy really had a lot of excuses, didn't he?

LIZ -- (mimics) "You know, Elizabeth, I'm not the only Christian
on earth who's capable of doing that ministry."

AMY -- Or, (mimics) "You know, this ministry would be perfect
for George. He's more talented than me."

LIZ -- (mimics) "I could maybe help out with that ministry, but
I wouldn't be comfortable being in charge of the whole thing."

AMY -- But he never did help, did he?

LIZ -- He even had excuses for not helping.

AMY -- (mimics) "I'll think about it".

LIZ -- (mimics) "I'll pray about it."

AMY -- (mimics) "Let me get back to you on that."

LIZ -- I feel sorry for him.

AMY -- Me too. There's nothing like the feeling you get when
you've served the Lord.

LIZ -- I feel sorry for him in Heaven.

AMY -- Why? Heaven is a beautiful place!

LIZ -- Yes, but think of all the rewards he could be receiving
right now!

AMY -- Gee, do you think Heaven will be boring without rewards?

LIZ -- Naw, I doubt that it will be boring. But imagine how
exciting it would have been with all those rewards waiting for

BOTH -- (sigh)

AMY -- It's too bad Daddy waited for things to be perfect.

LIZ -- Well, things are perfect now.

AMY -- (exiting) Do you think he's in ministry now?

LIZ -- (follows, mimics) "Let me get back to you on that."
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