PATIENCE 5'?m2f Fruit of the Spirit - Patience

(scene: 6 chairs in semicircle)

AMY -- (enters calmly with file folder, crosses to chairs, sits 
in end chair, opens file folder begins reading)

LIZ -- (enters frantically, carrying briefcase, crosses to 
chairs, sarcastically) Well, this is terrific!

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- I bust my hump to get here on time and nobody is here 
yet! (sits in other end chair)

AMY -- I'm here.

LIZ -- (looking at watch) What time you got?

AMY -- It's time for the meeting to start.

LIZ -- Well, isn't that a fine how-do-you-do?!

AMY -- Excuse me?

LIZ -- You know, this is just like the church to call a meeting 
right in the middle of my busiest day of my busiest season of 
the year and then everybody is late.

AMY -- I was here on time and so were you.

LIZ -- You know what I mean. These church people have no clue 
about the value of time. 

AMY -- Do you know what this meeting is about?

LIZ -- The message on my answering machine said we'd be talking 
about the fruit of the spirit, whatever that means.

AMY -- The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, 
goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.... 

LIZ -- (not listening, looking at watch) ...I've got a lot of 
places I should be. I wonder why they invited me...

AMY -- ....Oh, and patience.

LIZ -- Excuse me?

AMY -- I said patience.

LIZ -- Patience.

AMY -- Yes, this particular meeting is about patience.

LIZ -- Well, mine is wearing rather thin right now. I may just 
call a meeting of my own, on efficiency and time management. 

AMY -- I'm sure you could.

LIZ -- I wonder why they invited me to this meeting.

AMY -- Because you're a Christian.

LIZ -- Obviously. This is church meeting. (sigh) I'm sorry, I 
don't believe I've ever seen you around church before. (rises 
offers hand) I'm Elizabeth Tucker.

AMY -- (rises shakes) Everybody calls me Amy. (sits)

LIZ -- (sitting) Well, my time is way too valuable to be sitting 
around waiting for something to happen. Who called this meeting, 
anyway? I didn't recognize the voice on my answering machine.

AMY -- I did. I called the meeting.

LIZ -- You did.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You can't be on the church staff. I know all the people 
on the church staff. At least I thought I did.

AMY -- Actually, I'm rather high up.

LIZ -- You mean the national organization?

AMY -- Higher than that.

LIZ -- Listen, I'm tired of this chit chat. Who else did you 

AMY -- Noone else. Just you.

LIZ -- Well, why didn't you tell me? We could have started the 
meeting. You know, I don't have all day.

AMY -- We already did.

LIZ -- I'm sorry. I lost you there. We already did what?

AMY -- We already started the meeting.

LIZ -- Why do I get the feeling that we're on different 
wave lengths here?

AMY -- For the same reason you're so impatient.

LIZ -- (looking at watch) You know, normally I enjoy playing 
parlor games and guessing games. But, as I said, this is a 
REALLY busy day for me. Can we just get down to business?

AMY -- We just did.

LIZ -- We just did?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- (sigh) Listen, I'm sure your a very capable administrator 
at the national organization, but... (looks around) Say, are we 
on Candid Camera or America's Funniest Home Videos?

AMY -- (smile) No. Nothing like that. I'm here to talk about 
your impatience.

LIZ -- My impatience. You came all the way across the country to 
talk about my impatience? 

AMY -- I came farther than that, actually, and yes, that's 
exactly why I'm here.

LIZ -- Who put you up to this?

AMY -- My boss. He says he misses you.

LIZ -- Your boss. 

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Are we going to play twenty questions again to find out 
who your boss is? (stands, picks up briefcase)

AMY -- No. He name is YAHWEH. You know him as Jesus.

LIZ -- (sits, open mouthed) You're not kidding, are you?

AMY -- No. I'm quit serious. He wants you to know that the 
reason you are not experiencing any peace or patience in your 
life recently is because you haven't tapped into the source of 
it lately.

LIZ -- My daily quiet time. 

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I haven't told anyone that I've been too busy to do my 
quiet time lately. There's no way you could know that... unless 

AMY -- (rises, points to file folder, reads) He said "Liz is a 
really smart person. A word to the wise should be sufficient." 
Thanks for you time. (moves to exit)

LIZ -- Wait a minute. Where are you going?

AMY -- This meeting is over. You ARE a very busy person, are you 
not? (exit)

LIZ -- Yes, but... (moves to exit, pause, looks up) Thanks!

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