PARTY    5'?m3f Small group Bible study, fellowship, standards

(hard-thumping music beats in background)

AMY -- (enters wearing party dress, faces audience, pastes on
smile, poses)

LIZ -- (enters opposite wearing party dress, faces audience,
pastes on smile, poses)

AMY -- Fashionably late?

LIZ -- I wanted to make my entrance so all the guys would notice

AMY -- I tried that too. But it didn't work for me either.

LIZ -- Have you been here long?

AMY -- No. I just got here.

LIZ -- What are they waiting for?! Why aren't they asking us to

AMY -- Maybe it's my dress. Maybe this dress sends the wrong

LIZ -- There's nothing wrong with your dress.

AMY -- Yours either.

LIZ -- We are hot.

AMY -- Yes we are.

LIZ -- I pity the poor fool who passes up this opportunity.

AMY -- Poor fool.

LIZ -- Come on, fellas, ask a girl to dance. Anybody?

LIZ -- Be careful what you ask for. What are you going to do if
some dweeb comes up and asks you to dance?

AMY -- So far that hasn't been a problem.

LIZ -- Well, once one of the handsome hunks breaks the ice,
they'll all be standing in line to dance with us. Problem is,
the dweebs will get in line with the hunks. How do you brush off
the dweebs without hurting their feelings?

AMY -- How about if we don't brush them off? How about if we
tell them we promised this dance to someone else who's in the

LIZ -- Clever. I like it.

AMY -- Now that we have that taken care of, I suppose we ought
to decide which of the hottie hunks gets to dance with us first.

LIZ -- Good idea. Limited resources. Maximize your return on

AMY -- Exactly. I think we should save the first dances for the
guys with the nicest cars.

LIZ -- That is really shallow. I think we should save the first
dances for the guys with the biggest muscles.

AMY -- Speaking of shallow.

LIZ -- Well, if you're such a bastion of wisdom, YOU decide who
we should dance with first.

AMY -- I think we should screen them first.

LIZ -- SCREEN them?

AMY -- Yes, I think we should interview them briefly and
eliminate the empty-heads.

LIZ -- I don't know. Some of those empty heads are pretty hot

AMY -- Well, at least we should determine if they did well in
school... any post graduate schooling... which law firm they
work for...

LIZ -- LAW school?

AMY -- Or medical school.

LIZ -- So, we've eliminated the guys without post-graduate

AMY -- Look, there's a limited number of dances before the place
closes. In order to maximize our time with the hunks, we've got
to have standards. You've got to think about life AFTER the

LIZ -- So, a lawyer with lots of muscles is not out of the

AMY -- Or a doctor with a really nice car.

LIZ -- Have you noticed that noone is asking us to dance?

AMY -- It's all I think about.

LIZ -- Okay. I'll settle for a lawyer without muscles.

AMY -- Or a doctor who drives a Volkswagon.

LIZ -- As long as it's a late model Volkswagon.

AMY -- Actually, right now, I'd settle for a doctor who drives
an junker.

LIZ -- On the other hand, we don't necessarily have to stick to
doctors and lawyers. You know engineers are not so bad.

AMY -- You're right. Even technicians are much more palatable
since the DOT COM craze.

LIZ -- You know, right now, even an accountant would be

AMY -- As long as he had a degree.

LIZ -- On the other hand, is a degree all that important?

AMY -- Actually, I'm sure there are a fair number of non-degreed
bookkeepers and technicians with muscles.

LIZ -- On the other hand, are muscles all that important?

AMY -- You know, maybe this notion of a screening interview
might be a little too ambitious.

LIZ -- Right now, I'd settle for a dweeb.

AMY -- Me too.

LIZ -- Do you think it would be beneath us to ask one of them to
dance? (points, freezes)

AMY -- Any port in a storm. How about that one? (points,

SUE -- (enters) And now for today's quiz. Is this dramatization
an advertisement for:

A. a dating service B. an underarm deodorant C. a tooth
whitening product D. small group Bible studies

If you said "D. small group Bible studies" you were correct. In
small group Bible studies, you get social interaction WITHOUT
lowering your standards.


LIZ -- Say, I have an idea! How about a small group Bible study?

AMY -- (follows) Good idea.

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