ONEGOD   4'?m2f Cults: "One god" does not mean "same god"

(scene: water cooler or podium)

AMY -- (enters, weary, wearing business clothes, crosses to
water cooler, removes paper cup, drinks)

LIZ -- (follows a short time later) Man! I thought yesterday was
busy! (drinks)

AMY -- At this rate, we're probably going to set a new sales

LIZ -- (holds forehead, moans) I have a splitting headache. You
got anything for a headache?

AMY -- (sly smile) Sure. (reaches in pocket) Here. (offers 
breath mint)

LIZ -- That's very funny.

AMY -- What?

LIZ -- That's a breath mint.

AMY -- No really. This will cure your headache. Here.

LIZ -- A breath mint won't cure a headache.

AMY -- Oh, that's where you're wrong. See, this only LOOKS like
a breath mint. It's actually a pain killer.

LIZ -- Yeah, right.

AMY -- Really! If you truly believe in the power of this pain
killer, it will cure your headache.

LIZ -- Oh. I know what this is about. This is not about pain
killers. This is about our discussion about religion.

AMY -- Here, have a pain killer. It'll cure your headache.

LIZ -- Alright. You made your point.

AMY -- Point? What point? I was offering you a pain killer.

LIZ -- (holds head, sighs) Alright, if it will make you feel
better, I will admit that maybe my god is not the same as your
god. Now, can I have a real pain killer?

AMY -- (reaches in pocket, pulls out packet of aspirins, offers
it) I'm sorry to prolong your suffering. I just couldn't resist
making the parallel.

LIZ -- (takes packet, takes pills) You probably think I'm pretty
gullible, don't you?

AMY -- Me? No. I think it's good for a person to change
religions once a month.

LIZ -- Well, those other preachers sounded so convincing! I
mean, they really made sense at the time. But believe me, this
is the one!

AMY -- Well, I'm very happy you've finally found the ONE TRUE
RELIGION. (offers breath mint) Here have another pain killer.

LIZ -- I know you're just making fun of me. But how do you know
that you and I are not worshipping the same god?

AMY -- Just because we both claim that there is one god does not
mean our gods are one and the same. The Bible is very specific
about who God is and who Jesus is. And Allah is not the same as
Jehovah of the Bible. And the Jesus of the Quran is not the same
as the Jesus in the Bible.

LIZ -- But how do you know?

AMY -- Allah began as the moon god Al-Illah before he was
elevated to the ONLY God. And the Quran says that Jesus was just
a prophet, not God in human flesh as the Bible clearly teaches.

LIZ -- It says that in the Bible?

AMY -- In dozens of places. So, you can SAY that Allah is the
same as my God Jehovah, but he's as different as a breath mint is
from a pain killer.

LIZ -- Yes, but how do you know which one is the real one?

AMY -- There's only one holy book that accurately described the
creation of the universe. Do you know which one that is?

LIZ -- I suppose you're going to say "The Bible".

AMY -- The Bible said 4000 years ago that, not only matter and
energy, but also time and space were created out of nothing.
Today, even atheistic scientists must now admit that space and
time had a beginning.

LIZ -- Oh, I read that... somewhere.

AMY -- And no other Holy book has ever predicted the future with
such accuracy as the Bible.

LIZ -- None?

AMY -- Not the writings of Islam, nor Buddism, nor Hinduism, nor
Bahai, nor Wiccah, nor.... What was your religion last week?

LIZ -- Hare' Krishna.

AMY -- Hare' Krishna! (smirk) Hey, they believe in one god too!
Do you think he's the same god?!

LIZ -- I suppose you think I'm pretty gullible, don't you?

AMY -- I think you ought to stick with what works, something
with a PROVEN track record.

LIZ -- Yes, but Christianity is so... so plain. There are no
requirements, nothing to do.

AMY -- You're right about that. God did all the work of
salvation. But that doesn't mean you don't have to pay a price.

LIZ -- I know. I'd have to give up control of my life. That's

AMY -- Well, you could try the Mormons or... (snaps fingers,
excited) the Jehovah's Witnesses! They believe in one god too!

LIZ -- Yeah, but is it the same god?

AMY -- (offers breath mint) That's what they say. Here, have a
pain killer.

LIZ -- (turns, exits mimicking) You know, just because they SAY
it's the same god, doesn't mean it IS the same god!

AMY -- (follows) Oh, how eloquent. I think there may be hope for
you yet.
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