NEEDS    4'?m2f Discipleship, prayer, singles, marriage

LIZ -- (enters stomping in anger)

AMY -- (follows carrying Bible) Elizabeth. Elizabeth.

LIZ -- (stops, takes deep breath, turns to audience, pastes on
phony smile) Yes, Amy, what can I help you with?

AMY -- What's wrong?

LIZ -- Wrong? What makes you think that there's something wrong?

AMY -- Well, for starters, you left church (points over
shoulder) right at the beginning of the sermon.

LIZ -- (turns away) Do you think anybody else noticed?

AMY -- You were sitting in the front row.

LIZ -- I'm sorry, I... I didn't realize.

AMY -- So, what are you so upset about?

LIZ -- Upset? What makes you think I'm upset about anything?

AMY -- You sprang out of your seat as if you had been stung by a 

LIZ -- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so dramatic.

AMY -- Was it something the Pastor said?

LIZ -- Oh, I'm not mad at him. He's a nice man.

AMY -- That's not what I asked.

LIZ -- What did you ask again?

AMY -- (crosses by Liz, stands in her field of vision) The
pastor's sermon was on prayer. Were you upset about that?

LIZ --  (turns away) No.

AMY -- (crosses by Liz, stands in her field of vision) You're
not a very good liar. You really ought to practice more.

LIZ -- Alright. I'm upset. But I'm not upset with the pastor.
I'm upset with God! Okay?!

AMY -- Okay so far.

LIZ -- I suppose you think I'm going straight to Hell because
I'm mad at God.

AMY -- Well, to my knowledge, there's no commandment that says
"Thou shalt not be mad at God."

LIZ -- There isn't?

AMY -- Not that I'm aware of. So, what's your beef with God,

LIZ -- You're going to think I'm silly.

AMY -- I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to know.

LIZ -- Alright, if you must know, I've been praying for the last
year for a godly man to marry. And God has been ignoring me.

AMY -- So, when the pastor announced that his sermon was about

LIZ -- ... I thought, "Well, this is a huge waste of my time.
Been there. Done that."

AMY -- I'm sorry.

LIZ -- (paces) Why would God do that?! God knows how badly I
want to get married and start a family! Why would God ignore my
prayers like that?!

AMY -- Well, one thing I'm sure of.

LIZ -- What's that?

AMY -- God is not ignoring your prayers.

LIZ -- How do you know that?

AMY -- He died for you. Why would he go to all the trouble to
die for you and then ignore you?

LIZ -- I suppose you're right. Maybe I'm being too judgemental.

AMY -- Maybe what you are is too ignorant.

LIZ -- Too what?!

AMY -- (offers Bible) Here, find the Bible verse that says every
woman on earth who wants a husband will find a husband.

LIZ -- (takes Bible, opens it, shrugs) I can't. I have no idea.

AMY -- (takes Bible) I'll save you the effort. There is no such
verse. God makes no such promise in the Bible.

LIZ -- Well, just because God doesn't promise it, doesn't mean I
can't pray for it.

AMY -- Oh, you can pray for it. But, you have no reason to
expect that God will give you something he never promised to
give you. In other words, you have no reason to be angry with
God, since he never broke his promise to you.

LIZ -- Well, what about his promise to meet all my needs?

AMY -- I think you'll have a hard time trying to argue that a
husband is a human need. Do you see a lot of Catholic nuns
keeling over for lack of a husband?

LIZ -- Well, no, I suppose not. But nuns are single because they
want to be single. I'm not.

AMY -- Well, then, keep praying.

LIZ -- But I've been doing that for over a year. When will God
answer me?

AMY -- Maybe he already has.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- I mean, maybe God has already found a man for you, but
the man has not finished his education or maybe he's not mature
enough for marriage yet.

LIZ -- You think so?

AMY -- Or more likely, since you didn't know your Bible well
enough to know what God did and didn't promise, maybe God is not
finished educating and preparing YOU for marriage.

LIZ -- (turns to exit) By golly, I think you're right.

AMY -- (follows) Where are you going?

LIZ -- (exiting) To listen to the sermon. I need to finish my
education and preparation.

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