MORALS   3'?m2f Objective moral standard, absolutes, truth

LIZ -- (enters with Amy) What I'm saying is that morals should
not be taught in public schools because there's no such thing as
an objective moral standard.

AMY -- How can you say that?

LIZ -- Because there are NO absolutes.

AMY -- Are you ABSOLUTELY sure about that? Or is it possible
that there is ONE absolute and that one absolute is that there
are no absolutes?

LIZ -- Well, let me put it this way. There is no such thing as
ultimate truth.

AMY -- Is that the truth? Or are you saying that there is no
ultimate truth except for the statement that there is no
ultimate truth?

LIZ -- You're twisting my words.

AMY -- Your words don't need twisting. They're twisted enough on
their own.

LIZ -- What I mean to say is that there can't possibly be any
objective moral standard because... because there are so many
conflicting moral codes.

AMY -- Let me get this straight. You're saying that if two
people disagree on something, that means NEITHER one of them can 
possibly be correct?

LIZ -- Not just TWO people. Look at the world. Look at this
country alone. Right here in this city, there are differing
morals on just about everything. YOU think divorce is wrong. But
lots of people don't see anything wrong with divorce. Some
people think that under certain circumstances, divorce can be a
good thing. The same is true for abortion, for euthanasia, for
assisted suicide, for capital punishment. You name it!

AMY -- You're right.

LIZ -- I am?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- You're finally admitting I'm right about something?

AMY -- Yes. And not just about morals either. What you're saying
also holds true for mathematics.

LIZ -- Mathematics?!

AMY -- Yes, in fact, it's even WORSE for mathematics.

LIZ -- You're up to something. You NEVER agree with me on

AMY -- No, this time I think you've really hit on something. If 
we should quit teaching morals in schools, we've got to wipe out 
the teaching of mathematics too.

LIZ -- Why?

AMY -- Have you ever seen the results of a math test?! On any
given math problem half the class has a different answer. And
the higher you go in mathematics, the more wrong answers there
are! And now we know why! It's because there is no such thing as
objective standards in mathematics!

LIZ -- Yes, there are.

AMY -- How can there be?! People disagree!

LIZ -- That's it. I knew it. (exiting) It's impossible to have
an intelligent conversation with you!

AMY -- By golly! I think you've got something there! (follows)
There can't be objective standards for conversation either,
because everybody disagrees!

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