MORALITY 3'1m2f Is abortion moral just because it's legal?

LIZ -- (enters, crosses)

GUARD -- (follows, stands near exit, pounds battle axe handle or 
staff on floor) Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. The king is dead. 
Long live the queen. (exits)

LIZ -- (stops, turns, hears the news) Oh, oh. I'd better hurry! 
(turns continues to exit)

GUARD -- (enters, stands near exit, pounds battle axe or staff 
on floor) Make way for the Queen. Make way for the Queen .
(crosses slowly ahead of Queen)

QUEEN -- (enters, crosses behind Guard, solemnly)

LIZ -- (reenters) Your majesty, I beg your indulgence. (bows)

GUARD -- Halt! Do not approach the Queen unless you are summoned!

LIZ -- Your majesty, I know you are in mourning for the loss of 
your father the King, but I beg you, please give me just a 

GUARD -- ...Away with you!

QUEEN -- It's alright, guard. Let her speak.

LIZ -- Your majesty, as you know, your father made it legal for 
women in this country to have an abortion.

QUEEN -- Yes, he did.

LIZ -- I was on my way to have an abortion when the king's death 
was announced. But the abortion clinics have been closed.

QUEEN -- Yes. I ordered them closed. But I'm sure you already 
knew that.

LIZ -- But why, your majesty?

QUEEN -- Because abortion is immoral.

LIZ -- But your father the King made abortion the law of the 
land. Does that not make abortion moral?

QUEEN -- No. Making abortion the law of the land only makes 
abortion LEGAL. It does not make it moral. Now, I am making it 

LIZ -- But aren't you imposing your own morality upon us, your 

QUEEN -- No. I am imposing my law upon you. Laws can be changed. 
Morals cannot be changed, because morals are based on God's 
unchanging laws. And God has proclaimed the taking of human life 
to be IMmoral.

LIZ -- Your majesty, have mercy.

QUEEN -- Very well, I shall make abortion the law of the land 

LIZ -- (straightens) You will?

QUEEN -- Yes. Any time a pregnancy is an embarassment or an 
inconvenience to you, you may have an abortion.

LIZ -- I can?

QUEEN -- Yes. And at the same time I shall make it legal for 
your husband to beat you with a stick every time you 
inconvenience him or embarrass him. Would you like that?

LIZ -- No, your majesty.

QUEEN -- Better yet. I shall make it legal for your man to KILL 
you if you inconvenience him or embarrass him. Would you like 

LIZ -- No, your majesty.

QUEEN -- Why, not? It would be perfectly legal. Would it not?

LIZ -- You have made your point your majesty.

QUEEN -- And what point is that?

LIZ -- That law would make it LEGAL but it would not make it 

QUEEN -- ...because that law would not be based on God's law. 

LIZ -- I understand the difference between legality and 
morality, your majesty. But wouldn't it be immoral to bring an 
unwanted baby into this world?

QUEEN -- Every baby is created in the image of God himself. No 
baby is unwanted by God. And in addition to God, there are far 
more childless couples in the land than there are babies to fill 
the demand. So, bringing a baby into the world could never be 
considered immoral. 

LIZ -- But...

QUEEN -- The problem is not the unwanted baby. The problem is 
the attitude of the baby's mother. You're too lazy or too afraid 
to do the right thing. So, what you want is for laziness and 
cowardess to be legalized at the cost of morality and a human 

LIZ -- (stands, slithers by Queen, backward to exit) You're 
right, your majesty. I'm sorry to have bothered you.

QUEEN -- (motions to Guard, continues to opposite exit behind 
Guard) Good. A kingdom flourishes when morality and legality are 
in harmony.

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