MEMORIES 2'1m1f Valentine's day, anniversary, love, marriage

(both are senior citizens)

HER -- (enters wearing purse over arm) Come along. Don't dally.

HIM -- (follows) What's your all-fired hurry? Where are you
taking me?

HER -- Well, for the fifth time, we're going to Tony's

HIM -- Hey, I remember Tony's Restaurant. That's where I asked
you to marry me. That was a long, long time ago. You and your 
folks were living in that mansion.

HER -- We lived in a trailer.

HIM -- It was a double-wide. And you had a fuzzy little cat.

HER -- It was a dog.

HIM -- His name was Fido.

HER -- He was a Chihuahua. His name was Pedro.

HIM -- You wore this beautiful pink dress.

HER -- It was yellow.

HIM -- Strapless, as I remember.

HER -- It had a big collar and puffy sleeves.

HIM -- All I remember is you were as pretty as a picture.
Remember how they all looked at you when we drove up in that old

HER -- It was a Ford.

HIM -- You really turned heads in those days.

HER -- Why, thank you.

HIM -- I had spent all my money buying the diamond ring, so I
was glad you only ordered spaghetti.

HER -- Lasagne.

HIM -- I was so nervous that when I finally gave you the ring,
my hands were shaking.

HER -- (takes His hand) Mine too.

HIM -- Seems like yesterday. I remember it as clear as a bell.
(stops, looks around) Say, you don't suppose they tore it down?!

HER -- Tore what down?

HIM -- Charlie's Restaurant.

HER -- Tony's.

HIM -- Like I said, (points ahead) Tony's Restaurant is right
there where I remembered it. We usually only go to Tony's
restaurant on Valentine's Day. That's when I asked you to marry
me. Seems like yesterday. I remember it clear as a bell.

HER -- Do you know what today is?

HIM -- Tuesday? No. Wednesday? Oh, what difference does it

HER -- Clear as a bell.

HIM -- Hey, Toots.

HER -- What.

HIM -- Just in case I forgot to tell you today, I want you to
know I love you.

HER -- (exiting) That's what I like about you, Honey. You never
forget the important things.

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