ME       6'?m2f Works, maturity, ministry, past, future

AMY -- (enters wearing telephone headset, carrying floodlight
stand, shouts) One minute. One minute to show time. (places
floodlight near podium, toggles switch on belt) Charlie, can you
bring up the key light and bring down the house lights?

(light cue: floodlight on full, dim house lights to 75%)

AMY -- (toggles switch on belt) Thank you, Charlie. (shouts)
Thirty seconds to show time. Thirty seconds. (exits backward,
straightening and adjusting cords and cables)

LIZ -- (enters primping) How do I look? (crosses to podium)

AMY -- (follows) Never better. Are you ready?

LIZ -- I'm so excited! (steps behind podium, straightens dress,
clears throat, deep breath)

AMY -- (toggles switch on belt) Charlie, are all the satellite
links up and running? (pause) Thank you. Then, we're good to go
in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, (signals to Liz with fingers: 4, 3, 2, 1,
points to Liz, exits)

LIZ -- Hello, everybody and welcome to the simulcast. I'm
pleased to announce that this program is being shown
simultaneously in forty different arenas all over the nation. In
addition, this program is available in streaming video all over
the world on the internet.

This simulcast is all about me, Elizabeth Johnson. Today,
through the magic of video tape, 8 millimeter movies, color
slides, and computer graphics, you will get a glimpse of what
it's like to be me, Elizabeth Johnson. From my childhood,
through my adolescence, to adulthood and including all my past
accomplishments.... It's all about me, Elizabeth Johnson. And in
one short hour you too will wish that you could be like me,
Elizabeth Johnson.

AMY -- (enters, toggles switch on belt) Charlie, can you bring
up the house lights and kill the key light?

(light cue: house lights up full, floodlight off)

AMY -- (shouts) Okay, everybody, let's load up the truck.

LIZ -- Wait a minute! I'm right in the middle of a simulcast

AMY -- (exiting with flood light) Look around. Do you see
anybody in the audience?

LIZ -- Well, no. But I've got forty other venues!

AMY -- (stops, smiles patiently)

LIZ -- Don't tell me nobody showed up!

AMY -- Sorry.

LIZ -- You mean all forty arenas nationwide are EMPTY?!

AMY -- Sorry. (exits shouting) Come on people, load it up!

LIZ -- Wait a minute. What about the people who are watching the
streaming video on the internet?

AMY -- The last of them logged off almost immediately after you
started talking.

LIZ -- I can't believe it! All the work I went to for nothing!

AMY -- (reenters) Yeah, it's a shame.( toggles switch on belt)
Charlie, do you need help loading the truck? Okay, will do.

LIZ -- (paces) What went wrong? I bought prime-time TV ads in
all forty markets! I bought full page ads in all the major

AMY -- (toggles switch on belt) Larry, can you help Charlie load
the truck? Thank you.

LIZ -- I don't understand this at all! I had a very entertaining
presentation planned. I rehearsed it a hundred times. Why didn't
anybody show up?!

AMY -- It probably has to do with the content.

LIZ -- The content.

AMY -- Yes. The content of the simulcast was about the past.

LIZ -- My past.

AMY -- If people want to hear about the past they'll watch the
History channel on cable TV.

LIZ -- But I have a very interesting past. The history channel
won't show MY past on TV.

AMY -- I don't know how to tell you this, but I saw the tapes of
your rehearsal and it didn't interest ME.

LIZ -- (paces) I knew it. I should have used better music in the
sound track.

AMY -- Sorry, it had nothing to do with the sound track.

LIZ -- (paces) The voiceovers, then, I should have hired one of
those deep-voiced announcers for the voiceovers.

AMY -- Sorry, it had nothing to do with any of the technical
aspects. I'm telling you it was the content.

LIZ -- The content.

AMY -- Is there an echo in here?

LIZ -- What about the content was lacking?

AMY -- I've been trying to tell you. You're whole presentation
was about the past.

LIZ -- My past.

AMY -- There goes the echo again.

LIZ -- You mean people aren't interested in my past?

AMY -- Bingo. People are not as interested in where you've been
as where you're going. Your presentation didn't say a word about
the future.

LIZ -- No. It was about my past.

AMY -- I think we covered that.

LIZ -- But I have nothing to say about the future.

AMY -- Why not?

LIZ -- Why not?

AMY -- That was MY question.

LIZ -- Well, I've been so busy with the preparations for the
simulcast that I haven't had time to even think about the

AMY -- (exiting) Seems like a waste of a perfectly good
Christian to me.

LIZ -- Wait a minute.

AMY -- (stops, turns) Yeah?

LIZ -- (approaches) Are you saying that if I'm a Christian, I
should be thinking about the future, rather than the past?

AMY -- Well, if you use Apostle Paul as your example, you should
FORGET what is behind you.

LIZ -- No way! If I did that, I wouldn't have ANY content for my

AMY -- (motions broadly to audience) And look how successful
your simulcast was.

LIZ -- (sighs) Alright. Maybe my past is not that interesting to
other people, but it's a lot better than my future! I have no
idea what my future is.

AMY -- Let me give you a clue. Your future is what your past
prepares you for.

LIZ -- No kidding! What does my past prepare me for?

AMY -- Pick a goal and aim toward it.

LIZ -- ANY goal?!

AMY -- Any goal that interests you and that serves God at the
same time.

LIZ -- Hey! With God helping me, this could be BIG, huh?

AMY -- (exiting) Very big.

LIZ -- (follows) Maybe I'll do a simulcast about it!

AMY -- Don't call us, we'll call you.

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