MARRIAGE 6'1m2f Marriage out of sync? Check the owner's manual

(scene: two chairs side-by-side, another chair set apart)

DOC --- (enters crosses to C, carrying file folder, aloud) John 
and Mary Anderson.

MARY -- (enters opposite) That's us.

JOHN -- (follows, speaks low) Here we go.

DOC --- (offers hand) Hi, I'm Doctor McCord. 

MARY -- (shakes) Nice to meet you.

JOHN -- (shakes) We're a little nervous.

DOC --- You're questionaire (points to file folder, then to 
chairs) says that this is your first visit to a marriage 

MARY -- (sitting) Yes.

JOHN -- (sitting) Actually, we're not sure what to expect.

DOC --- Well, I hope you're expecting to get your marriage back 
on track.

BOTH -- Yes.

DOC --- Well, just to get things rolling. I'd like to ask you to 
describe your marriage in some rather unusual terms. Mary, if you 
could describe your marriage as a food, what would it taste 

MARY -- Leftovers.

DOC --- John?

JOHN -- Tasteless leftovers.

DOC --- John, if you could describe your marriage in terms of a 
boat, what would the boat look like?

JOHN -- (pause) A slow boat to China?

DOC --- Mary?

MARY -- A slow boat to china without a compass or a motor.

DOC --- That bad, huh?

JOHN -- We don't seem to be making any progress.

MARY -- Even if we were making progress, I'm not sure we'd know 
where we're going.

DOC --- Has your marriage ever been any better?

MARY -- Oh, yes, when we were first married we were very happy 

DOC --- John?

JOHN -- I agree. I don't know where we went wrong. But somewhere 
along the line, we went from being married to being roommates.

MARY -- Actually, I think many roommates have more in common 
than we do.

DOC --- (reading folder) I see you both describe yourselves as 

BOTH -- (nod) Yes.

DOC --- Mary, do you have a quiet time with the Lord every day?

MARY -- I used to. Once in a while I pick up my Bible and read. 
But not much anymore.

DOC --- John?

JOHN -- No. I'm just like her, I used to read my Bible and pray 
every day. But I just never seem to have time for it anymore.

DOC --- John, are you committed to making this marriage work?

JOHN -- Well, yes, of course. That's why I'm here.

DOC --- Mary?

MARY -- Absolutely. When I said "til death do us part", I meant 

DOC --- (sigh) Well, I have hope for you.

BOTH -- You do?!

DOC --- Yes, if you two weren't Christians, I wouldn't hold out 
much hope for you, because (stands moves toward exit) I wouldn't 
be able to have you do the ladder exercise. (exits)

JOHN -- You've got me. I don't know what the ladder exercise is.

MARY -- Me either.

DOC --- (reenters with 6-foot ladder with rungs on both sides)

MARY -- (to John) It's a real ladder.

DOC --- Of course. (opening ladder with rungs facing exits) I 
use this exercise only for committed Christians who are 
committed to their marriage. Noone else would understand it. 
Come on over here. One on each side and step up on the first 

BOTH -- (step up)

DOC --- Mary, do you believe that men are made in the image of 

MARY -- Of course.

DOC --- John, do you believe that women are created in the image 
of God?

JOHN -- Well, sure, that's one of my old memory verses. Let's 
see, it's been a while, but I think it goes like this. "So God 
created man in his own image, in the image of God he created 
him; male and female he created them."

DOC --- Good. That's important to this exercise. Take one more 
step up the ladder.

BOTH -- (step up)

DOC --- Notice what's happening?

JOHN -- I may be a little dense, but I don't see anything 
happening except that we're getting higher.

DOC --- Mary?

MARY -- I'm not sure what's supposed to happen.

DOC --- Most people don't notice it until I draw it to their 
attention. But Christian marriage is like a ladder. Take one 
more step up and notice what happens to the distance between 

BOTH -- (step up)

JOHN -- Oh, man! I have been so stupid!

MARY -- What do you mean?

JOHN -- Here I am SUPPOSE to be the spiritual head of my 
household, and I couldn't even see what was happening!

MARY -- I must be dense. All I noticed was that we moved closer 

DOC --- Then you got it. Come on down.

MARY -- (climbing down) John apparently saw something spiritual 
that I missed.

JOHN -- (down) Yeah, honey, it's just as obvious as the nose on 
my face now! Our marriage is just like a step ladder. The closer 
we get to God, the closer we get to each other.

MARY -- The more we know about God the more we know about each 
other. No wonder we were becoming like strangers! We've both 
becoming like strangers to the Lord.

JOHN -- That explains why our marriage was so hot in the 
beginning and it's so cold now. Boy, I sure am glad I'm married!

DOC --- (laughs) What do you mean?

JOHN -- If I was single, I wouldn't have anything to remind me 
that I was drifting away from the Lord.

MARY -- Do you think that's the way God designed it? So, that 
when we drifted away from the Lord we drifted away from each 
other? And we'd notice that first?

DOC --- I wouldn't doubt it at all. 

JOHN -- Remember, honey, we used to do devotions at breakfast 
and discuss our daily Bible readings?

MARY -- I really miss that.

DOC --- (escorting them to exit) Okay, you two, go home and 
open your Bibles. Rediscover each other by rediscovering the 
one in whose image you were made.

(all exit laughing)

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