MAKEOVER 4'?m2f Self-esteem, made in the image of God

LIZ -- (enters carrying a handful of printouts, shouts) Amy, do
you have any printer cartridges?

AMY -- (enters opposite) Printer cartridges?! I just saw you put
a new cartridge in your printer this morning.

LIZ -- Yeah, but I'm out again.

AMY -- That's a lot of printing! What on earth are you printing?
The Sears Catalog?

LIZ -- Nevermind. (turns) I'll just run down to the office

AMY -- So, you're not going to tell me what you've been

LIZ -- (freezes) I will if I have to.

AMY -- It's not pornography or....

LIZ -- No. Nothing like that.

AMY -- Then, what?

LIZ -- It's a new make-over software.

AMY -- I'm sorry, did you say make-over...

LIZ -- (turns) Make-over software. See? (offers printout)

AMY -- (pages) These are all photographs of your face.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- But they're... different. (looks to Liz, then to

LIZ -- (points) This is me with a narrower chin. (pages) This is
me with a cleft in my chin. Some people like that look. What do
you think? (pages) Cleft? (pages) Or no cleft?

AMY -- Wait a minute. What's this all about?

LIZ -- I told you. It's make-over software. (pages) This is me
with a narrower nose. (pages) This is me with my nose narrow and
shorter. (pages) This one has narrow nostrils. I think it makes
me look like Michael Jackson, don't you think?

AMY -- Wait a minute! Why are you doing this?

LIZ -- I thought I explained that.

AMY -- You're not really thinking about plastic surgery, are

LIZ -- Well, sure.

AMY -- Why would you.... Why would anybody suffer the pain and
expense of plastic surgery?

LIZ -- Because I'm ugly. Hello!

AMY -- There is nothing wrong with the way you look!

LIZ -- Says you. (points to printout) Look how much better I 
would look for just $4500.

AMY -- You've got to be kidding me!

LIZ -- I paid $150 just for the software! Does that sound like
I'm kidding?

AMY -- You're not kidding.

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- You really don't like the way you look.

LIZ -- No. I'm ugly.

AMY -- You need work.

LIZ -- That's what I've been trying to tell you.

AMY -- No, I mean you need to work on your standards.

LIZ -- My standards.

AMY -- You're looking at yourself through the wrong lens.

LIZ -- I beg your pardon! I spent over $350 for my digital

AMY -- No. I mean you need to take a fresh look at yourself from
a different perspective, through someone else's eyes.

LIZ -- My eyes are just fine. And my eyes tell me I'm ugly.

AMY -- And your goal is to buy some beauty.

LIZ -- In a manner of speaking.

AMY -- (reaches into pocket) Here, let me be the first
contributor to your purchase.

LIZ -- So, you agree.

AMY -- (pulls out $20 bill) I'll give you twenty dollars if you
can name five Miss Americas.

LIZ -- Five.

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- I can't. Two maybe. How much will you give me for two?

AMY -- My point is you can't name five of the most beautiful
women America ever produced, in spite of the fact that you seem
obsessed with beauty. How important could beauty be, even to

LIZ -- I'm not all that interested in being particularly
beautiful. I just don't want to be ugly.

AMY -- Your problem is, you don't see yourself the way your
creator sees you.

LIZ -- My creator.

AMY -- Yes. God created you from scratch. He had an infinite
variety of chins and noses and eyes and eye brows and he made
you exactly the way he wanted you to be. The way you are now is
EXACTLY the way God wanted you to be.

LIZ -- Exactly.

AMY -- Exactly.

LIZ -- Then, why do I feel so ugly?

AMY -- Because you've been listening to the wrong people. The
people in those fashion magazines you read are completely out of
touch with God's standards of beauty. His standards of beauty
are not just different, they include beauty you can't even see
with the naked eye. To God, your inward and outward beauty are
an artistic masterpiece. (exiting) You're problem is you've lost
touch with the artist.

LIZ -- Oh. Maybe I have. (follows) How do I get in touch with
the artist?

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