LOVE2    4'?m2f Great commandment, love, management skills

(scene: two chairs, lights dim)

LIZ -- (enters exhausted, slumps in chair, sighs, head back)

AMY -- (enters opposite carrying suitcase, briefcase) Home at
last! (shouts) Is anybody in the office?

LIZ -- (unenthusiastically) I'm here. How was the conference, 

AMY -- Boring. (crosses to Liz) How did your project go?

LIZ -- All finished. On time and under budget.

AMY -- Well, where is everybody? I expected to see champagne and
caviar flowing freely.

LIZ -- They all quit.

AMY -- They what? (sits)

LIZ -- They all deserted me. I finished the project alone.

AMY -- Why? What happened?

LIZ -- It's a long story.

AMY -- I'm not going anywhere.

LIZ -- Well, I wanted to show them that a Christian could be
just as good a manager as a ruthless pagan.

AMY -- And....

LIZ -- And I came in on time and under budget.

AMY -- But you did all the work yourself.

LIZ -- Nearly all of it. I really showed them.

AMY -- What exactly did you show them?

LIZ -- That I could go for three days without sleep and do the
work of six people all by myself.

AMY -- But did you show them that a Christian could be as good a
manager as a ruthless pagan?

LIZ -- How can you be a manager when there's nobody to manage?

AMY -- How did you lose them?

LIZ -- Well, we all started out on the same page. I layed out
the duties of each team member in great detail. And I watched
them like a hawk. Even an idiot could do the work! I don't know
what went wrong.

AMY -- Could it be because you layed out the duties of each team
member in great detail and watched them like a hawk?

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- Is that the way YOU would like to be managed?

LIZ -- Well, of course not! I'm not an....

AMY -- You're not a what?

LIZ -- (head in hands) Oh, no! I treated them like idiots! I
thought they were just being temperamental! I thought they just
hated Christians! What was I thinking?!

AMY -- Have you been reading your Bible lately?

LIZ -- What does that have to do with anything?

AMY -- Surely you didn't take on the task of winning souls for
Christ without reading the instruction manual.

LIZ -- (opens mouth to speak three times, but hesitates)

AMY -- Well?

LIZ -- Well, actually, I haven't read the Bible on my own in
over a month. So, what does the instruction manual say?

AMY -- John 13:35 "All men will know that you are my disciples
if you finish on time and under budget."

LIZ -- That's not what it says.

AMY -- John 13:35 "All men will know that you are my disciples
if you prove to them that you can be as ruthless and hard-headed
as the pagans."

LIZ -- Alright, you made your point. I'll admit it. Love was the
last thing on my mind.

AMY -- Obviously.

LIZ -- But how does a Christian prove that he can do the job in
the real world?

AMY -- I guess it depends on what you think THE JOB is?

LIZ -- Alright, I'll bite. What IS the job.

AMY -- John 6:29 Jesus answered, "The work of God is this: to 
believe in the one he has sent."

LIZ -- (sigh) Oh. I was so busy proving myself that I didn't
include the Lord at all. I didn't ask his help once during the
whole project. (sigh) Isn't that something?!

AMY -- What?

LIZ -- I set out to impress them with Christianity, but I
couldn't have done more things to drive them away. I guess
that's what happens when you don't include Christ.

AMY -- I guess so. (stands) Well, go home and get some sleep
this weekend. You've got a busy week coming up next week.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- I mean I'm giving you another project.

LIZ -- You're kidding! After the way I butchered this last one?

AMY -- Yes. And I want you to use the same team.

LIZ -- (stands) Oh, I get it. This is like punishment for me,

AMY -- No. I just know that you'll be more effective next time
after you tell them what you've learn from your mistakes.

LIZ -- Listen, I know that would be the loving thing to do.
But... I could never do that! Admitting my mistakes... that's
too embarrassing!

AMY -- Are you saying that you couldn't possibly do it without
help from God?

LIZ -- (exits) You made your point. I'll see you next week.

AMY -- (exits opposite) Sleep well.

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