LEAP     6'?m2f The term "leap of faith" is not in the Bible

LIZ -- (enters, remains near exit, steps to front lip of stage, 
looks carefully over edge, waves to crowd below shouts) Hello 
down there. (stands tall, deep breath, smooths hair, straightens 
clothes, deep breath, to self) Well, here goes. (moves arms and 
legs preparing to jump)

AMY -- (enters opposite running, crosses to Liz, stops short) 
Please don't do this! Think about what you're doing!

LIZ -- (turns) Oh, hi! (loses balance temporarily) Wo!

AMY -- (offers hand) Please, let's talk about this. Please, step 
away from the edge.

LIZ -- What's to talk about? I already know pretty much what I'm 
going to do. There really isn't much to it.

AMY -- But, you're so young. You have so much to live for.

LIZ -- Live for. (laughs) Oh, you think I came up here to kill 
myself. (laugh) That's funny! (fans hand toward Amy, loses 
balance temporarily) Wo!

AMY -- (offers hand) Please, step away from the edge. 

LIZ -- Well, if it will make you feel better.

AMY -- It will make me feel better. (clasps hands, pulls)

LIZ -- Listen, I hope you didn't call the cops or suicide 
prevention or anything. I never thought....

AMY -- ...Are you saying you're not up here on the roof to 
commit suicide?

LIZ -- (laughs) No! But I probably should have told somebody 
down on the street what I was planning to do. They're going to 
think I've lost my marbles.

AMY -- The thought did cross my mind.

LIZ -- Well, I can assure you, I'm not suicidal.

AMY -- You're not.

LIZ -- (laughs) No!

AMY -- You're sure.

LIZ -- (laughs) Yes! Why would I kill myself? I just became a 

AMY -- Then, what are you doing on the roof of a ten-story 

LIZ -- I was about to take a leap of faith.

AMY -- A what?

LIZ -- A leap of faith. My pastor told me that the next step 
after becoming a Christian was to take a leap of faith.

AMY -- So, you took him literally.

LIZ -- Well, sure! 

AMY -- So, you were going to jump.

LIZ -- Sure.

AMY -- From the roof of a ten story building.

LIZ -- Sure. Why not? It's as good a leap of faith as any other.

AMY -- Tell me something.

LIZ -- Sure.

AMY -- What good will you be to God if you end up as a grease 
spot on the sidewalk?

LIZ -- Oh, that won't happen.

AMY -- How do you know?

LIZ -- I prayed about it. I prayed about every aspect of it. I 
prayed that I would get good height on my take-off. I prayed 
that I would have good form in the air. I prayed that my 
somersaults would be nice and tight...

AMY -- Somersaults? You're going to do somersaults?!

LIZ -- Well, sure. I'm doing this for the Lord. I want this leap 
of faith to be pleasing to Him. And then, of course, I prayed 
that I would STICK the landing.

AMY -- STICK the landing.

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- You mean splat.

LIZ -- I can tell that you're not a Christian.

AMY -- As a matter of fact, I AM a Christian.

LIZ -- Well, I can tell that you don't have much faith. I'll bet 
YOU've never taken a leap of faith.

AMY -- As a matter of fact, I haven't. 

LIZ -- I knew it.

AMY -- Listen, the Lord created the universe with some 
unbreakable laws, like the law of gravity. What makes you think 
that the Lord will break his unbreakable laws just for you?

LIZ -- I told you, I prayed about it.

AMY -- And did someone with the gift of prophecy confirm that 
God has answered your prayer?

LIZ -- Well, no.

AMY -- I think I would want some assurance before I hurled 
myself off a ten story building.

LIZ -- Well, if I had assurance, it wouldn't be a leap of faith, 
would it?!

AMY -- Did you know that the Bible doesn't even mention a "LEAP 

LIZ -- It doesn't?

AMY -- Nowhere.

LIZ -- But my pastor said....

AMY -- ...I don't know your pastor. But I suspect that if 
(points to front lip of stage) this is his idea of faith in God, 
his congregation is very small.

LIZ -- As a matter of fact, I'm the only one.

AMY -- And he's about to lose you.

LIZ -- You don't know that. 

AMY -- I'm as sure as I can be.

LIZ -- How can you be so sure? Just because the Bible doesn't 
mention a "LEAP OF FAITH"...

AMY -- ...did you know that not even Jesus himself took a leap 
of faith?

LIZ -- He didn't?

AMY -- No. As a matter of fact, he spoke against it.

LIZ -- He did?

AMY -- Yes. Right after he was baptized, Jesus went out to the 
desert to be tempted. The devil took him up to the roof of the 
temple and told him to jump off, assuring him that the angels 
would catch him.

LIZ -- Did he jump?

AMY -- No. 

LIZ -- Oh.

AMY -- Jesus quoted the Old Testament, which says that testing 
the Lord like that is prohibited.

LIZ -- Prohibited?! You mean if I had jumped off here, I could 
have... (points to front lip of stage) 

AMY -- ...Splat.

LIZ -- (swallows hard) Well, how come my pastor told me to take 
a leap of faith?

AMY -- "LEAP OF FAITH" is sometimes used to refer to doing the 
Lord's work.

LIZ -- That doesn't sound like it takes much faith.

AMY -- I think you have a misunderstanding of what FAITH is.

LIZ -- What do you mean?

AMY -- FAITH is not just empty-headed acceptance. Jesus didn't 
ask you to believe in him merely because he said so. He asked 
you to trust him after he proved through his miracles and his 
predictions that he was trust-WORTHY.

LIZ -- Oh, yeah. I guess he did.

AMY -- If you do his work trusting that he will help you, you 
are exercising your faith exactly as Jesus intended.

LIZ -- That's it? I just do his work?

AMY -- Trusting in the Lord to do what he promised. Can you 
recall any promises he made about ten-story buildings?

LIZ -- No. I guess not. So, a triple somersault with two and a 
half twists is pretty presumptuous, huh?

AMY -- Even if you stick the landing.

LIZ -- (exiting) You know, I could have hurt myself on that 

AMY -- (follows) No kidding.

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