LEADERS  2'?m9f Biblical leadership, discipleship, maturity

(scene: a meeting room, several chairs face podium and
flip-chart or chalk board)

(Recruiter and an unspecified number of eager candidates enter
singly or in pairs, sit, converse in low mumbles)

RECRUITER -- Alright. Let's get started. Thank you for coming.
As you all know the purpose of this meeting is to select the
leadership for this coming year. Will all those who wish to be
considered for a leadership position please stand up.

(all stand)

Now, obviously, not all of us can be leaders. So, since we're a 
Christian organization, we'll proceed in a manner in keeping 
with the Bible. If you meet the Biblical qualities for a leader, 
please remain standing. If not, please be seated.

(turns to board, writes key words)

First of all, we note that the leaders in the early Christian
church were HUMBLE.

(one person sits)

By that I mean, Biblical leaders saw themselves as SERVANTS.

(one person sits)

They worked without rewards or pay. They received NO THANKS, no

(one person sits)

In some cases they were openly OPPOSED and REJECTED.

(one person sits)


(one person sits)


(one person sits)

They trained people to take over leadership. The people who take
over leadership from you will be INFERIOR to you.

(one person sits)

Your successors will forget everything you ever taught them.
They will be INEPT.

(one person sits)

They will MISQUOTE you.

(candidates sneak out one or two at a time)

Then, when people complain that their new leader is COMPLETELY
INCOMPETENT, your replacement will DENY everything and BLAME IT

Now, the question is, are YOU...

(turns, points to empty chairs)

ready to lead? (pauses) I guess not.


It's a shame. I was about to tell them that being a Christian 
leader can get lonely.

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