KNOCK    5'?m2f Salvation: answer the knock at the door

LIZ -- (enters, crosses to podium, begins writing)

(knock, knock, knock)

LIZ -- Who's there?

AMY -- (from offstage) It's me, Amy Turnbull, you're investment

LIZ -- Is anyone else out there with you?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- Come in then.

AMY -- (enters, carrying notebook) Why were you asking if anyone
was out there with me? Were you expecting someone?

LIZ -- Listen, Amy, I'm on kind of a tight schedule here. Can we 
just talk about my investments?

AMY -- (removing papers from notebook) Oh, sure. I brought you
the performance reports for all four of your investments. They
all did quite....

(knock, knock, knock)

....well, during the last.... (pause) Aren't you going to answer
the door?

LIZ -- No. So, tell me about the money market fund.

(knock, knock, knock)

AMY -- You're not going to answer the door?

LIZ -- No. So which report is about the money market fund?
(examines pages)

(knock, knock, knock)

AMY -- Why aren't you going to answer the door?

LIZ -- Because I already know who it is. And I don't want to let
him in. Now tell me about the money market fund.

(knock, knock, knock)

AMY -- Are you having relationship problems?

LIZ -- I don't want to talk about it. How much of a return did I
get on my money market fund?

(knock, knock, knock)

AMY -- Shouldn't you at least go and tell this person that you
don't want to speak to him right now? I know I would certainly
appreciate that.

LIZ -- No. Talking to him only encourages him. Now, can we
please talk about my investments?

(knock, knock, knock)

AMY -- Is he stalking you?

LIZ -- No. It's nothing like that. (sigh) You wouldn't

(knock, knock, knock)

AMY -- (moves toward exit) Maybe I could talk to him for you.

LIZ -- No! I mean, no, thank you. He'll go away when he's sure
I'm not going to answer.

AMY -- Who is the guy, anyway?

LIZ -- (covers mouth, softly) Jesus.

AMY -- Who?

LIZ -- Jesus. As in "The son of Mary and Joseph"?

AMY -- You mean "the Son of God" in knocking at your door?

LIZ -- Not anymore. I think he's gone away for now.

AMY -- Let me get this right. The creator of the universe just
knocked at your door, but you snubbed him?

LIZ -- SNUB is rather a harsh word.

AMY -- You ignored him.

LIZ -- Yes. So, how are my investments doing?

AMY -- You're not a Christian, are you?

LIZ -- Yes, I am. I go to your church.

AMY -- Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore
than going to the garage makes you a car.

LIZ -- I believe in Jesus.

AMY -- So does Satan. And Satan is not a Christian. You haven't
made Jesus the Lord of your life yet, have you?

LIZ -- (points to papers from Amy's notebook) Well, look here! I
got 12 per cent on my money market fund!

AMY -- (clear throat)

LIZ -- Alright. So, I've been putting it off.

AMY -- Why?

LIZ -- Jesus said "count the cost". So, I counted the cost and
didn't think it was worth all I'd have to give up.

AMY -- Like what?

LIZ -- (points to papers from Amy's notebook) Oh, and look here!
My municipal bond fund did real well too!

AMY -- (clear throat)

LIZ -- Alright, if you must know, last year I didn't make enough
tax deposits and I didn't have the cash at the end of the year
to pay all my taxes, so I sort of fudged the numbers a little.

AMY -- You cheated on your taxes.

LIZ -- A little.

AMY -- (clear throat)

LIZ -- Alright, so I cheated a lot. But I confessed my sins to

AMY -- That only works if you're a Christian. We've already
established that you are not a Christian.

LIZ -- I'll get around to it.... some day.

AMY -- You've been going to my church long enough to know that
there IS a deadline.

LIZ -- I know, but...

AMY -- What if your car got broadsided by a truck on your way
home today?

LIZ -- I drive a Volvo. It's the safest car on the road.

AMY -- (clear throat)

LIZ -- Alright. If I die without making a commitment to Jesus,
I'll go straight to hell.

AMY -- Is that what you want?

LIZ -- No. But look at all I have to give up. I may have to
fudge my taxes again.

AMY -- Look at all you give up if you don't make a commitment: a
personal relationship with the creator of the universe,
unconditional love, hope for the future, a clear conscience....

(knock, knock, knock)

(both make eye contact)

LIZ -- He's back.

AMY -- If you keep hardening your heart, he may stop knocking.

LIZ -- (long sigh) Alright. I'll make the commitment. Will you
help me open the door?

AMY -- (takes Liz's arm, exits) Sure. Come on.

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