KNEEL    2'?m2f Why do we kneel when we pray?

(scene: three chairs, or couch facing audience)

MOM -- (enters with cordless phone to ear, reading file folder, 
crossing to chair) Yes, here is it. You're right, Fred, there IS 
a balloon payment coming due, according to the contract. (sits) 

KID -- (enter wearing pajamas, bath robe and slippers, crosses 
to Mom, sits on other end of couch)

MOM -- There's no way the company is going to be able to pay it 
on time. No. They leveraged themselves up to their eyeballs for 
the Carter acquisition. (notices Kid) Listen, Fred, got to go. 
Something more important than business just came up. Yes, it's 
time to say our prayers. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye. (puts down 

KID -- You didn't have to get off the phone. I'm old enough to 
say my prayers by myself.

MOM -- I wouldn't miss prayer time for the world.

KID -- Well, you've got a lot of work to do. You don't have to 
come into my room.

MOM -- (sliding off chair, kneeling) You're right. We can pray 
anywhere. We can pray right here. Come on.

KID -- (kneeling next to Mom) How come we have to kneel when we 

MOM -- We don't HAVE to kneel. (gestures toward chairs) Would 
you like to sit and pray?

KID -- No. I was just wondering why we always kneel when we 

MOM -- I guess it's kind of like wearing a business suit to a 
meeting with a customer. It tells both him and me that I take 
him seriously.

KID -- But the Bible says that we're God's children. Children 
don't have to wear business suits or kneel when they talk to 
their parents.

MOM -- That's true. But even children of a king always kneel 
before the king when he's on his throne as a sign of respect.

KID -- Oh, yeah. That's right.

MOM -- You think God is on his throne right now?

KID -- (smiles) If he's not, nobody is running the universe.

MOM -- Let's say good night to the king of the universe.

KID -- (prays) Lord, thanks for being both my father and my king. 

MOM -- And thanks for always being on your throne even when your 
children are asleep. 

BOTH -- Good night, father. Amen.(stand, cross to exit) 

KID -- You've got work to do. You don't have to tuck me in.

MOM -- Sure I do. It's one of my duties commanded by the king.

KID -- Aw, you're just saying that.

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