JUMP     2'3m?f Salvation: faith vs belief

PILOT -- (voiceover) One minute to jump zone. One minute.

BART --- (dressed in jumpsuit and parachute, backs onto stage, 
talking to Harry, crosses to front lip of stage, speaks above 
the noise of a powerful fan blowing up from the floor) Alright, 
step up to the door and let me inspect your parachute one last 
time. (tugs on Harry's straps)

HARRY -- (dressed in jumpsuit and parachute, steps to edge of 
stage, looks down, closes eyes in panic, looks down again) Hey, 
Bart, we're moving AWAY from the landing field. (points down)

BART --- The pilot corrects for wind drift, remember?

HARRY -- Oh, yeah,... Well, I've got faith in him.

BART --- (checking Harry's shoulder strap) Sure you do.

HARRY -- I do. He's a Viet Nam vet. Says he's flown parachute
drops for 12 years. I put my faith in that.

BART ---  Uh huh.

HARRY -- Well, even if he drops me in the wrong place, I can
correct my course with my parachute, right? The parachute
packer said this chute is very maneuverable. I have faith in
this chute. (pats chute)

BART --- Of course you do.

HARRY -- He said this chute has been tested 6 times. I have 
faith in that.

BART --- Sure. (turns Harry around, tugs on straps) 

HARRY -- And if the main parachute fails, I've got a backup chute.
Hey, I've got faith with a backup.

BART --- You think you've got faith with a backup.

HARRY -- Hey, you told me yourself that the parachute packer has
been packing chutes for over 9 years and hasn't lost
a single jumper, right? I put my faith in him.

BART --- Well, you put your BELIEF in him, anyway.

PILOT -- (voiceover)  Thirty seconds to drop zone.

HARRY -- Belief ... Faith... What's the difference!?

BART --- Okay, your gear in ready to go. Let's review the 
procedures one last time.

HARRY -- Okay, (hops) jump, (spreads arms) 1001, 1002, 1003, 
(touches ripcord, spreads arms again) pull the ripcord, (turns, 
tugs on imaginary chute cords) steer into the wind, (bends legs) 
legs bent, eyes on the horizon, roll on impact.

BART --- You got it, Harry. You're ready to go. (pats Harry on 
both shoulders)

HARRY -- Hey, I've got faith in your instruction.

BART --- Yeah, right, Harry.

HARRY -- Well, I've got faith in my own abilities.

BART --- You have BELIEF in all those things, Harry.

PILOT -- (voiceover)  Ten seconds.

BART --- (counts backward with his fingers silently in front of 
Harry's face, while Harry talks)

HARRY -- I don't understand, Bart. I say I have FAITH. You say I 
have BELIEF. Okay. When do I have faith?

PILOT -- (voiceover) Jumpers away.

BART --- Now, Harry.

HARRY -- (jumps off stage with a fading scream)

BART --- (shouts down) NOW, you have FAITH, Harry. (jumps off 

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