JESUSDO  4'1m3f A family problem. What would (did) Jesus do? 

(scene: two chairs separated by a small table with TV remote 

AMY -- (enters with bowl of popcorn sits, watches imaginary TV 
above audience rear for a short time) I've seen this one. (picks 
up remote, changes channel)

LIZ -- (enters with bowl of ice cream) Hey, I was watching that! 

AMY -- It was a rerun.

LIZ -- Well, so it this. (reaches for remote) Give me that.

AMY -- (holds remote control out of reach) Possession is nine 
tenths of the law.

MOM -- (enters opposite, wearing coat, carrying purse) Can't you 
two ever get along?

LIZ -- Mom, I was right in the middle of a program and she 
changed the channel.

AMY -- It was a rerun.

DAD -- (follows Mom wearing coat) Turn that thing off. We have 
to talk.

AMY -- I was watching something.

MOM -- Turn it off. We need to talk.

AMY -- (points remote at TV, pushes button) Well, alright. But I 
don't know what could be more important than "Bay Watch" reruns.

LIZ -- What's the problem? Is it about Grandma?

AMY -- Grandma's alright, isn't she? I mean, she's not...

DAD -- Oh, Grandma is recovering nicely. But the doctor said 
that she'll never be able to live on her own anymore.

LIZ -- So, what are you going to do?

AMY -- Are you going to put her into a nursing home?

(Mom and Dad exchange looks of dread)

DAD -- We can't afford a nursing home.

MOM -- But even if we could afford a nursing home, we think 
Grandma would be better off spending her last years with family.

AMY -- You mean you're going to move her in with us?

LIZ -- Oh no you don't!

AMY -- No way! It's a cinch you're not moving her into YOUR 

LIZ -- That means one of us will lose our bedroom. 

AMY -- No way!

LIZ -- And most probably it'll be my bedroom, because mine is 
right across from the bathroom.

AMY -- That means Miss Piggy here (points to Liz) will be 
messing up MY room now. No way!

DAD -- Kids, we have a real opportunity here.

LIZ -- Yes, we get a chance to lose our privacy.

AMY -- No way I'm sharing my bedroom.

MOM -- (to Dad) Tell them about our devotion.

LIZ -- What devotion?

AMY -- Family devotions aren't until tomorrow night. What does 
that have to do with sharing a bedroom?

DAD -- On our way to the hospital tonight, Mom and I were 
discussing what we would talk about during our family devotions 
tomorrow. It turns out both of us got the same idea at the same 

LIZ -- What idea?

AMY -- I know: Third Intrusions 19:12 "Share your bedroom."

MOM -- Before we even talked to the doctors about grandma's 
prognosis, we both decided to start a series of devotions 
entitled "What would Jesus do?"

LIZ -- Oh, yes, I remember now. Jesus said: "Heal the sick, 
drive out demons and give away your bedroom."

DAD -- He didn't say that, but he did tell us to take care of 
widows and orphans.

AMY -- Grandma doesn't HAVE to live HERE, you know. She has two 
other children who could take her in.

LIZ -- Yeah, what about Aunt Kate or Uncle Dave?

DAD -- They're not Christians.

LIZ -- Yeah, so?

DAD -- So, this is just like the situation Jesus was in when he 
about to die on the cross.

MOM -- By the time Jesus died, he had five or six brothers and 
sisters who could have taken care of his mother.

DAD -- But, just like my family, it's probable that none of 
Jesus' family were Christians either. So this is a good 
situation to ask the question:

MOM & DAD -- What would Jesus do?

AMY & LIZ (fold arms over chest in unison) Alright, I'm 

DAD -- Try to put yourself in his position. Jesus had been 
beaten so badly that his back was like hamburger, he was nailed 
to a cross where he was suffocating to death. But, even while he 
was in excruciating pain, did he leave the future of his mother 
to unbelievers? Well?

LIZ -- (sigh) No, he asked Apostle John to take care of her.

MOM -- Can we do any less?

AMY -- (sigh) You make me sound like such a spoiled brat.

LIZ -- (sigh) We ARE spoiled brats. (stand, grabs Dad's hand, 
pulls him toward exit) Come on, Dad.

DAD -- Where are we going?

LIZ -- Let's go call Grandma.

AMY -- (grabs Mom hand follows Liz) Yeah, let's tell her we want 
her to come stay with us.

LIZ -- We have a perfect bedroom for her, right across the 

AMY -- It's what Jesus would do.

(all exit)

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