ISOLATE  4'?m2f Sanctification means set apart, not isolated

AMY -- (enters slowly, reading Bible)

LIZ -- (enters opposite, wearing hat, coat, carrying suitcase, 
crosses) Well, I guess this is goodbye.

AMY -- (looks up from Bible) Goodbye? Where are you going?

LIZ -- I'm off on my quest for sanctification.

AMY -- You think you have to leave home to be sanctified?

LIZ -- Well, sure. I saw this monastery in Europe that's perched 
on the tip of a mountain. It'll be a perfect place to find 
sanctification. (crosses by Amy) Well, I have a plane to catch.

AMY -- Wait a minute. 

LIZ -- (turns) Huh?

AMY -- I think you might have just a tiny little misconception 
of what sanctification is.

LIZ -- Oh, no. I looked it up. Sanctification means to be set 
apart. (turns) So, here I go!

AMY -- I was right. You haven't got a clue.

LIZ -- (turns, impatient) Look, you're not the only one in our 
church who studies the Bible. I read all about sanctification in 
the Bible and in some Bible commentaries. Sanctification means 
to be set apart. And you can't be any more set apart than in a 
remote monastery. Now, if you'll excuse me, (turns) I have a 
plane to catch.

AMY -- Just what are you hoping to accomplish in a remote 

LIZ -- (turns, huffs) I thought we covered that. I'm hoping to 
accomplish sanctification.

AMY -- When you go running, do you wear patent leather shoes?

LIZ -- No, of course not. I wear running shoes. What does that 
have to do with sanctification.

AMY -- When you go to a formal party, do you wear running shoes?

LIZ -- My plane leaves in less than two hours. Can you get to 
the point?

AMY -- Sanctification is not a place to go. It's not something 
that just happens to you. It's something you DO.

LIZ -- No it's not. I just read about Jesus in Luke 17. He went 
off by himself praying and asking to be sanctified.

AMY -- Do you know what he did right after that prayer?

LIZ -- I haven't gotten that far in the Bible yet.

AMY -- He died on the cross.

LIZ -- Oh no you don't! I'm not going to be sanctified like 
that! If you think I'm going to die...

AMY -- ...Relax. Everybody's sanctification is different.

LIZ -- It is?

AMY -- Yes. Sanctification for Jesus was death on the cross. It 
was why he came to earth. If he had done anything else, he would 
have been as far off his purpose as patent leather shoes in a 
100-meter sprint.

LIZ -- You've got a point there. 

AMY -- Sanctification is nothing more than fulfilling your 
unique life purpose.

LIZ -- Oh, is that what it means?

AMY -- Yes.

LIZ -- Well, why didn't they say that in the Bible instead of 
all that Sanctification mumbo jumbo?

AMY -- Because a person has a lot of different purposes in life. 
Sanctification is your ultimate purpose, your spiritual purpose. 
It's a purpose that you can only fulfill with the help of God. 
That's why Jesus was asking God's help just before he died.

LIZ -- Oh. Well, then, what's MY ultimate purpose?

AMY -- I don't know.

LIZ -- You're a big help.

AMY -- I'm not the one who's supposed to help you achieve your 
ultimate purpose.

LIZ -- Oh. God is, I guess. I suppose I should ask him.

AMY -- Good idea. God has gifted you with talents and abilities 
to achieve your ultimate purpose. What use will those talents 
and abilities be to God if you're all locked up in some remote 

LIZ -- None whatsoever. (turns) See ya.

AMY -- You're not still going to the monastery, are you?

LIZ -- (turns) No. But my plane ticket is one of those bargain 
fares. It's not refundable. (turns, exiting) I'll start my 
sanctification when I get back.

LIZ -- (shrugs, exits opposite reading)

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