INERRANT 4'?m3f Bible inerrancy, apologetics, prejudice

(scene: a park bench or four chairs side by side)

AMY -- (enters carrying Bible, sits, looks at watch, reads)

LIZ -- (enters carrying paperback book, sits, opens book, looks
over at Amy, chuckles)

AMY -- (smiles) Your book funny?

LIZ -- I was laughing at yours.

AMY -- MY book?

LIZ -- Yes.

AMY -- This is the Bible. I haven't found many attempts at humor
in it.

LIZ -- I hope you don't really believe any of that stuff.

AMY -- As a matter of fact I DO believe that stuff.

LIZ -- I don't see how you can. The Bible is full of errors.

AMY -- Really?

LIZ -- You didn't know?

AMY -- No.

LIZ -- You must live in a cave.

AMY -- How do you know the Bible is full of errors?

LIZ -- I just know.

AMY -- Do you have any PROOF that the Bible has errors?


AMY -- Yes. Merely SAYING that the Bible is full of errors
doesn't make it so. Do you have any archaeological evidence that
the facts in the Bible are incorrect?

LIZ -- Well, "I" don't have any.

AMY -- Then, you must have eye witness testimony that the
writers of the Bible made mistakes or tried to deliberately
deceive people.

LIZ -- Well, no.

AMY -- Can you give me an example of a specific error in the
Bible? And give ANY proof that it's incorrect?

LIZ -- Well, no.

AMY -- Do you know what they call it when someone SAYS something
but has no evidence to prove it?

LIZ -- No.

AMY -- It's called prejudice.

LIZ -- I'm not prejudiced!

AMY -- Then, you DO have some evidence.

LIZ -- Yeah, I guess so.

AMY -- What evidence do you have that the Bible contains errors?

LIZ -- The Bible was written by people and the Bible manuscripts
were copied by people.

AMY -- I don't see how that proves anything.

LIZ -- Well, people make mistakes.

AMY -- And...

LIZ -- And if people are involved with the Bible, the Bible MUST
have mistakes.

AMY -- In order for you to conclude that people MUST have made
mistakes, you must assume that people never do anything right.
Are you saying that people NEVER do anything right?

LIZ -- Well, no.

AMY -- Then, you're saying that only the people involved with
the writing and copying of the Bible NEVER do anything right.

LIZ -- Yes. No. Yes.

AMY -- Which is it?

LIZ -- What I'm saying is that the Bible contains thousands and
thousands of words. And with all those words, SOME people
probably made mistakes writing or copying SOME of them.

AMY -- Which one's did they make mistakes on?

LIZ -- I don't know!

AMY -- Then, without evidence, we're back to your prejudice.

LIZ -- Well, how could the writers and copiers be perfect with
every word of the Bible, when you know some people make mistakes 

AMY -- Good question.

LIZ -- I knew I'd get you.

AMY -- You got me if you can tell me which words are wrong.

LIZ -- How can I do that?!

AMY -- According to the rules for evaluating ancient documents,
a document is ASSUMED to be correct and truthful unless it
contradicts itself or if other documents contradict it. If we
apply these same rules to the Bible that we apply to other
ancient documents, the burden of proof is on the person who
doubts. So, do you have ANY proof of contradiction? Or are we
back to your prejudice?

LIZ -- You don't really believe that stuff about Jesus dying and
raising from the dead, do you?

AMY -- The Bible says that over 500 people saw Jesus alive after
hundreds more watched him die. Do you have any eyewitness
testimony to show that his body is still in a grave somewhere?
Or are we back to your prejudice?

LIZ -- (looks at watch) Gee, look at the time! I have to be...
somewhere. (stands, moves to exit, stops)

SUE -- (enters, passes Liz, to Amy) Hi, are you ready?

AMY -- Oh. Sure. (stands) Let's go.

LIZ -- (to Sue) Whatever you do, don't criticize the Bible,
unless you have evidence. (exits)

SUE -- (exiting opposite with Amy) What was that all about?

AMY -- We were just discussing her prejudice.

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