IDENTITY 4'?m3f Christian identity from ministry or from Christ?

AMY -- (enters carrying clipboard, remains near wings)

LIZ -- (enters opposite, crosses to Amy) Good morning.

AMY -- Good morning. Welcome to the Christian conference. Your 
name please.

LIZ -- (proud) I'm quite sure my name is not on the list of 
attenders. I'm the featured speaker for today.

AMY -- Oh! Congratulations!

LIZ -- (tries to get by)

AMY -- (steps in Liz's path) Your name, please.

LIZ -- What's the matter? Don't you watch TV or listen to the 
radio? You don't recognize me?

AMY -- No. To both questions.

LIZ -- Well, then, let me tell you that you're looking at the 
C.E.O. of Ministry Mania, one of the largest and most successful 
Christian ministries in the world. 

AMY -- Oh! Congratulations!

LIZ -- (tries to get by)

AMY -- (steps in Liz's path) Your name, please.

LIZ -- Look, you are really beginning to irritate me!

AMY -- I'm sorry. My goal is not to irritate you, but to make 
sure you belong here.

LIZ -- Well, of course I belong here! My ministry is world 

AMY -- So are the non-Christian cults.

LIZ -- My ministry employs literally thousands of people in 
twenty-seven countries.

AMY -- I'm sure that the non-Christian cults could make the same 
boast. But this is a CHRISTIAN conference.

LIZ -- This is absolutely ridiculous! I have never been so 
insulted in my life! My ministry has its own radio show and I 
have appeared on Network television. What's it going to take to 
get by you?

AMY -- Your name or proof that you're really a Christian.

LIZ -- Having one of the largest and most famous Christian 
ministries in the world is not proof that I'm a Christian?!

AMY -- I don't know how to tell you this, but being in a 
ministry doesn't make you a Christian any more than being in a 
garage makes you a car.

LIZ -- You know, you are one of the most insulting people I have 
ever met!

AMY -- I'm sorry. My goal is not to insult you, but to make 
sure you belong here.

LIZ -- Are you saying that it's possible to be the founder of 
one of the largest Christian ministries in the world and not be 
a Christian?!

AMY -- In a word, yes.

LIZ -- I'm going to have your job!

AMY -- I'm sorry, you can't have my job. You have to be a 
Christian to have my job.

LIZ -- But I AM a Christian! That's what I have been trying to 
tell you!

AMY -- How do I know that?

LIZ -- (growls) Because I just told you!

AMY -- Lot's of people claim to be Christians who aren't. 

LIZ -- Well, I'm not a non-Christian cult. Does that tell you 

AMY -- You're getting warmer.

LIZ -- Look! What do you want from me? I believe that Jesus is 
the Son of God.

AMY -- The Bible says that even the demons believe that... and 

LIZ -- Are you calling me a demon?! Now you've gone too far!

AMY -- I'm sorry. My goal is not to go too far, but to make 
sure you belong here.

LIZ -- (shrugs, sighs) Alright. You win. I lose. Just tell me 
what you want me to say and I'll say it.

AMY -- I want the truth.

LIZ -- What truth?! I've been telling you the truth!

AMY -- I need to know... YOU need to know... where do you get 
your identity?

LIZ -- My identity!

AMY -- Yes, your identity. If you get your identity from your 
ministry or from some organization or some other loyalty, you're 
not loyal to Jesus. (exits quietly when Liz turns)

LIZ -- (sigh) Oh. (turns away) Oh, no. Oh, no. You're right. 
I've been so caught up in my ministry, I've forgotten who I'm 
doing it for.

ROZ -- (enters) Elizabeth! We've been looking for you! Where 
have you been?

LIZ -- (turns) Oh, I... I've been talking to your... (points, 
looks around) to the person who was guarding the door.

ROZ -- We didn't assign anyone to guard the door.

LIZ -- You didn't? (looks up) 

ROZ -- No. Listen, I hate to rush you. But we're running a bit 
late. Are you ready? (turns, exits)

LIZ -- I am now. (follows)

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