HOLOCAUS 5'?m2f Moral impact of killing abortionists

AMY -- (enters creeping, wearing army fatigues, carrying rifle
and camera with telephoto lens, stops, drops to one knee, turns,
whispers) We're almost there. Stay low.

LIZ -- (enters wearing pajamas, robe and slippers) Who do you
think you are to wake me up in the middle of the night!

AMY -- (finger to lips) Shshshsh! They'll hear you!

LIZ -- You can't tell me what to do! I don't even know you!

AMY -- Do you want to get us both killed?!

LIZ -- (drops to one knee) Killed? That's not possible! I live
in a nice neighborhood. Who would want to kill.... (looks
around) Hey! This isn't my neighborhood. Where are we?!

AMY -- We're on a roof top over looking the town square.

LIZ -- My neighborhood doesn't have a town square. How in the
world did I get up on top of a roof?

AMY -- (finger to lips) Shshshsh! Look over the edge. (points to
audience) What do you see?

LIZ -- (creeps bent over to edge of stage, looks tentatively
over edge, withdraws quickly to Amy) This is definitely NOT my

AMY -- I know it's not you're neighborhood! What did you see?

LIZ -- I saw about a dozen people lined up against the building
on the far side of the square.

AMY -- (checking weapon and camera) Military or civilians?

LIZ -- Civilians, I guess. Families. Men and women with
children. There's a couple of old people too.

AMY -- Did you see any military?

LIZ -- Well, I didn't look that well.

AMY -- Take another look.

LIZ -- Will you please tell me what's going on here?

AMY -- Take another look.

LIZ -- (creeping to edge of stage) You don't have to be bossy. I
just asked a question. (sneaks peek over edge, creeps back to

AMY -- What did you see?

LIZ -- There's two guys in uniforms. One looks like an officer
and the other guy has a big machine gun.

AMY -- Well, at least our intell was correct.

LIZ -- Will you please tell me what's going on? What is this
place and how did I get here?!

AMY -- We're in Poland.

LIZ -- (out loud) Poland?!

AMY -- Shshshsh! Keep your voice down!

LIZ -- How on earth did I get to Poland?!

AMY -- You don't know?

LIZ -- No!

AMY -- Then, you probably don't know how you were transported
back to World War Two either.

LIZ -- (aloud) World War Two?!

AMY -- You're going to get us both killed if you don't keep your
voice down!

LIZ -- I'm sorry, but a minute ago I was asleep in my bed. I
think I have a right to be a little upset to find myself in the
middle of World War Two!

AMY -- Are you ready?

LIZ -- Ready?! Ready for what?

AMY -- Those Nazi soldiers down there (points) are about to
murder those innocent civilians.

LIZ -- What can "I" do about it?!

AMY -- You need to decide whether to shoot (offers gun) or shoot
(offers camera).

LIZ -- You can't be serious!

AMY -- It's your call.

LIZ -- I know what this is all about.

AMY -- What.

LIZ -- I was thinking about shooting that abortion doctor back 

AMY -- So?

LIZ -- So, this is just a dream to help me decide whether to go
through with it or not.

AMY -- Listen, if you don't do something soon, about a dozen
innocent people are going to lose their lives. (points)

LIZ -- (takes gun) I don't have much choice. If I don't shoot
the soldiers, they'll shoot the civilians. (creeping toward edge 
of stage) So, what's the camera for?

AMY -- It's your other option.

LIZ -- (points gun down toward soldiers) I can't kill anything 
with a camera, unless I'm close enough to hit them over the head 
with it.

AMY -- Actually, you might be able to save more lives with a
camera than with a gun.

LIZ -- (drops gun to waist, creeps back to Amy) Alright. What's 
your point?

AMY -- If you shoot the soldiers, you'll save a dozen lives, but
you'll be caught and probably killed yourself.

LIZ -- I'm a Christian. I'm willing to give my life to save 
twelve lives.

AMY -- Yes, but this same scene is happening every day all over
Europe. Why settle for saving a dozen lives when you could
potentially save millions. (offers camera)

LIZ -- How is a camera going to save millions of lives?!

AMY -- By showing the rest of the world the victims of the

LIZ -- So, you think that by showing the world some dead
victims, the war will be over sooner?

AMY -- Do you think the Allies would have waited to be attacked
before entering the war if they had seen graphic photos of dead
innocent victims?

LIZ -- No. They heard about it. But nobody believed it.

AMY -- There you go.

LIZ -- But I can't just let them die. (points)

AMY -- You need to decide whether you want to make a moral
statement or if you want to have a real moral impact, whether 
you want to save a few lives or millions of lives.

LIZ -- It pains me to think that even a few have to die. But...
(pauses) Give me that. (exchanges gun for camera, exits)

AMY -- (follows) Where are you going?!

LIZ -- My dream is over. I've decided that making a moral
statement may not save any lives in the long run. I've decided
I'm going to have a real moral impact and save a lot of lives.

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